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Digital Creative Institute

"I think the best and fastest way to learn a software as complex as Tableau is to take a hands-on class with an expert. Joel was an excellent teacher with a great knowledge of Tableau and how to best take advantage of everything it can offer. Not only was I able to learn the software, I discovered a newfound interest in analyzing and visualizing data in the marketing world. After learning Tableau and working with Joel, I can definitely now consider myself a ‘data nerd’!"

Amanda Hons, Student, DCI

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Digital Creative Institute’s Story

Zuar, formerly TableauHelp, has provided certified Tableau software training since 2014. The Master Class offered by Zuar was created to be flexible for your organizational or individual needs, and our trainers enjoy accommodating all levels of proficiency. While we come prepared with ample stock data and a deep library of real world use case instances, we are most excited to provide training utilizing your actual data, which has been proven to enhance user proficiency. As the job market continues to grow across areas of big data and visual analytics, Zuar continues to pursue new opportunities to extend their services to the aspiring analysts of the world. Recently, Zuar completed its first semester of Tableau curriculum at a local educational institution, the Digital Creative Institute (DCI).

Digital Creative Institute is a digital marketing apprenticeship program that seeks to bridge the gap between higher education and real-world experience in the workplace. DCI’s unique approach to education results in rapid skill development, career acceleration, and greater earning potential. DCI’s digital marketing curriculum consists of various certifications, projects, and career coaching opportunities. As part of the analytics curriculum, DCI has partnered with TableauHelp to provide students with data analytics, data visualization, and Tableau software training. Students enrolled in this curriculum are encouraged to finish their Tableau training by completing the Tableau Software Certification.

Building upon years of training and consulting experience, the instructors at Zuar have developed a powerful training formula that dives deep into the seemingly limitless potential of Tableau. The Tableau Master Class offered by Zuar covers a variety of topics ranging from standard software basics to tailored niche use case solutions. With it’s embedded flexibility, Zuar was able to tailor their training course to meet the needs of DCI’s analytics curriculum. Over the course of 12 weeks, multiple on-site and remote training sessions were implemented to prepare students for not only the Tableau Software Certification, but also taking the rains as the “go to” analysts within their respective organizations.

"Growing my data visualization skill set was a high-impact investment. Joel’s expertise in the field, particularly using Tableau, made for an engaging learning experience that drew clear applications to real-world marketing challenges. Data visualization is a growing priority in marketing roles that need to communicate clearly and effectively to supervisors with limited time or exposure. Joel’s approach to data-focused storytelling is a key tool in a digital marketer’s arsenal."

Wesley Haverlah, Student, DCI

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