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Zuar provides solutions that help ensure the success of your data strategy. We reduce the time and cost of implementation. Leave the engineering to us, so you can focus on turning insights into action.

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Analyzing data across your business solutions shouldn't be so difficult! With Mitto by Zuar, you can automate your ELT/ETL processes and have data flowing from hundreds of potential sources into a single destination.

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Transport, warehouse, transform, model, report, and monitor: it's all managed by Mitto. Plus, our experts will ensure your deployment is fast and smooth.

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Data Visualization


Zuar Portals are an easy way to provide branded Tableau dashboards to the audiences you serve. Monitize your data with this white-labeled solution, or provide secure access to those outside of corporate firewalls.

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Zuar is a National Tableau Partner with trusted solutions and certified consultants. We can help you every step of the way.

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"Zuar really shortened that learning curve and got us out of the gate and getting value right away... We weren't just buying a product, we knew that we had someone with the expertise."

Matt McConnell, CEO, Intradiem

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"Zuar is a leader in the space. They have years of experience with business intelligence platforms, data visualization softwares, being able to answer business questions with data, and knowing how to marry it all together to drive the most efficient outcome."

Derek Lilley, VP of Data, Analytics & Insights, Cresco Labs

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"This is the best solution for converting data into a real decision-making tool... It's absolutely one of the best decisions Manduka's ever made and it's a scaleable solution that we will be implementing at other companies as well."

Michael Soenen, Partner, Valor Equity & CEO, Manduka

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