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Turning Data Into Action.

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Business Intelligence strategy.

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Turning Data Into Action.

Products & Services to help you build your
Business Intelligence strategy.

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Where are you on your journey to becoming a data driven organization?

Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your BI infrastructure, use the following scenarios to evaluate your development. The faster you can complete the entire Data Value Chain below, the faster and more sustainable your infrastructure will be in supporting the ask of future business questions.

1. Data Collecting Systems & Softwares

I have questions about my business that I need answered. While I have access to valuable raw data from numerous sources, I don’t have the time, infrastructure and/or the know-how to turn it into actionable insights that can be used to drive business results.

2. Data Pipeline

In order to answer business questions, I need access to a combination of all available data sources at the same time. How do I connect to the data in a controlled and secure way for analysis?

3. Data Storage

I have a way of connecting to the systems that are collecting valuable business data and I have way of moving that data from those softwares. Where can I store this data so that it is responsive, secure, and available either on premise or in the cloud to align with my intelligence strategy? Can I get a data management system implemented affordably and quickly?

4. Transformation, Modeling, and Automation

My data is flowing into a secure database and I have started analysis to address pending business questions. I’m realizing that I would like to visualize the data for additional insight and automate the entire workflow to save time. How can I implement a process that will automatically create up-to-date curated data sources ready for advanced analytics?

5. Analysis and Insights

I have access to curated data in a secure location. I want to put the data to work in addressing business questions and improve performance to gain a competitive edge. I need a way to analyze large data sets to quickly gain insights in a fluid and natural way. I am thinking data visualization may be the answer. I would like the advice and support of an experienced team with both services and software solutions to obtain immediately results. What is the next step in accessing valuable insights using my business data?

6. Embedded Analytics

I’ve got a solid system for visual analytics and reporting that has enabled me to answer my business questions. I now need a solution that allows me to distribute and present these insights throughout my organization. I may need a customizable, white-labeled solution. I’ve got various applications that I use to analyze my business but I’d like to have everything in one place with a secure and streamlined, single sign-on experience. How can I achieve this flexible, customizable experience? Did I mention that I need this done quickly?

Why do I need a modern data strategy?

Without a strategy and supporting infrastructure, your business may be:

  • Unable to answer important business questions.
  • Lacking infrastructure that could improve workflow and performance.
  • Wasting time, money, and resources on reporting that should be automated.
  • Lacking a single source of truth for the foundation of your decision making processes.
  • Missing opportunities to expand and compound your sales & revenue.
  • Missing opportunities to forecast and predict future growth.
  • Missing important, granular details regarding your finance, sales, marketing, or operations.
  • Losing business to competitors who posses a better BI strategy.

Resource Guide

This resource guide offers the top thinking points and preparation items to help you evaluate your current BI opportunities, setting the stage for implementing a modern data strategy.

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NetSuite + Tableau Data

How to Make Your NetSuite Data Work for You!


If your business runs on Netsuite and you're manually exporting data to create static reports, the struggle is real.

Learn how Doug Stockham, President of the Emergency Assistance Foundation, was able to keep up with a rising analytics demand by leveraging Zuar's end-to-end, NetSuite + Tableau solution. In two weeks, his business went from manual, static reporting to fully automated, robust analytics.


A Trusted Implementor of BI Best Practices by Hundreds of Companies

Most businesses have a hard enough time figuring out how to start their BI journey. Who should I talk to? Who can I trust? What questions should I be asking? What am I currently equipped to be doing on my own?

Zuar is here to guide you through your BI journey. We've helped hundreds of companies, across nearly every industry, establish well respected intelligence practices with our specially crafted suite of products & services. We've focused on eliminating barreirs to entry and increasing speed to value so that even small to meidium sized businesses can begin to quickly outperform their largest competitors.

One of the things I think is key with TableauHelp [Zuar] assistance is the way our institution has contracted with them for ongoing assistance. They helped us initially, in a big way, get started with Tableau and they’ve come back various times along the way to help with additional questions and to help take us to the next level.

Brandon Beshear , United Regional

We had a complex, time sensitive project - TableauHelp [Zuar] was amazing. They got the job done on time, on budget; the final product was far better than we had anticipated, given the timelines. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Michael Kleinman, Orange Door Research

Tyler Lengal was AWESOME. He took our ancient, legacy data and helped get it into a very helpful company dashboard. His work and the rest of the TableauHelp [Zuar] team saves me HOURS of work every week. The template he made has helped me learn so much and expand even more in what we can see in our data. Thank you!

Rachel Swann, Natural Life

Tableau Software
Tough Mudder
Orange Door Research
Digital Creative Institute

Products & Services

All of our products can be supported with professional services. Use our experts to help build a thriving BI infrastructure.

Mitto Data Staging Platform

  • Data Connection
  • Data Pipeline
  • Data Storage
  • Data Transformation

Zuar Portals
Zuar Portals Embedded Analytics

  • Embedded Analytics
  • Web Authentication Firewall
  • Portals
  • Tableau Server

Professional Consulting Services

  • Tableau Consulting
  • Tableau Server Installation
  • Data Modeling
  • Embedded Analytics/OEM Services

Tableau Software
Tableau Software Reseller

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server

How to Engage with Zuar



Start by diving in with our team to discuss your company’s data needs, initiatives, projects, and ideas. We will help you understand your data opportunities, potential challenges and various viable strategies. We do this with both an open mind and through the lens of hundreds of other business intelligence projects we’ve supported.

We provide kickoff engagements as short as 40 hours to help you launch into action and create a living roadmap without a daunting commitment.



After you’ve dialed in your service and product options, we will then assign a team of data engineers and Tableau experts to your project.

Our team will help you prioritize your data opportunities based on your current situation, refine your strategy, and help you build a living project roadmap.



With your high priority milestones complete, and analytical dashboards built on top of a solid, automated foundation, you will begin to see what is truly possible with your new business intelligence strategy.

To take you to the next level (and beyond), our team can continue to execute everything for you, or pivot into training and enablement. This can empower your team to take the lead and utilize Zuar as a long-term, strategic guide.

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Success Stories

Helping our customers achieve success will always be a top priority. Check out some of our featured Success Stories to learn more about our products and services.


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Watch how Justin was able to revolutionize an entire health care system using data.

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Learn how Joel was able to provide curricular expertise to the students of Digital Creative Institute.

Embedded Analytics

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Learn how the Zuar team was able to help Orange Door Research with some time-sensitive requests and embedded analytics.

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