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"As difficult as BI projects can be, and as difficult as NetSuite can be, this is the best solution for actually converting that data into real decision making tools."

Michael Soenen, CEO & Chairman of Manduka, Valor Equity Partner

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Manduka Success Story

Many companies desire to be more data driven but lack the resources and know-how to do so. A strong business intelligence strategy can mean the difference between long-term success and falling stagnant within your industry. However, with high costs and steep barriers to entry, many small to medium sized companies don't have access to a powerful set of BI tools and services. Manduka was one of these companies.


Manduka was flying blind, relying on excel-export based reporting from NetSuite. This process was limiting, slow and laborious. Manduka could not see or understand the internal workings of their business at the level required to make strategic decisions and were instead relying on tribal knowledge and instinct. Manduka had 2 failed Domo implementations trying to upgrade their BI practice. Domo did not provide the depth or flexibility they needed to succeed. Manduka needed a full spectrum solution of services & products that would: (1) Allow them to connect, model, and automate the flow of data from NetSuite, (2) visualize analytics to derive insights from their business data, and (3) provide them with skilled analysts and engineers to handle all the heavy lifting. They found all of this and more with ZUAR.


Manduka's tailored solution required the use of the MITTO Data Staging Platform to pull, normalize and model the NetSuite data on an automated schedule. This would lay the groundwork for creating a suite of powerful visualizations and dashboards with an end-to-end refresh pipeline set to hourly intervals. MITTO was setup in an AWS environment and then automatically began pulling all data from NetSuite. MITTO has built-in algorithms that interpret and auto-normalize the data, including all custom records and fields. The data was then stored in MITTO's built in PostgreSQL database. MITTO allows for creation of sequences that can be scheduled to automatically refresh, giving end users full control of their data model and allowing for streamlined deployment of Tableau visualizations.


Manduka now has a suite of Tableau dashboards that allow them to see and understand the business in ways that were never before possible. Thanks to the ability to automate and model the NetSuite data, Tableau user adoption has dramatically increased at Manduka as they no longer must worry about dealing with messy, disorganized data. In addition, hundreds of hours a year in manual reporting work have been cut. See the video for the full story...

"By far, this was the best place for us, the best place for a company like Manduka, a smallish, medium sized business who doesn't have the resources to do it on its own but actually needs the data to make great decisions. It's absolutely one of the best decisions Manduka's ever made and it's absolutely a scalable solution that we will be implementing in other companies as well."

Michael Soenen, CEO & Chairman of Manduka, Valor Equity Partner

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