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If you’re like most organizations, you have data siloed across a wide variety of solution providers like CRM, ERP, accounting, marketing automation, etc. Often the data can show confusing and conflicting stories. They key is to create a single source of truth—bring the data together so you can analyze it holistically. The path from varied data sources to a consolidated database to end-user analytics/BI is your pipeline.

We have hundreds of existing connectors to help you pull data from Salesforce, NetSuite, HubSpot, QuickBooks, flat files, other databases, and much more. If we don’t have an existing connector available, we can usually create one for you. Zuar can even automate the ongoing data transfers following schedules that make the most sense.

Most of the data that we help clients with is complicated, dirty, incomplete, and inconsistently structured. Zuar will set up automated processes that will clean your incoming data and put it into consistent, usable formats. We can even use enhancement techniques to add contextual information (metadata) to your data for greater insight. Your clean data can now be combined, transformed based on your needs, and saved in a central database for the purpose of analytics.

We provide all the above seamlessly and efficiently by setting our clients up with our secret weapon Runner, Zuar’s robust ELT solution (similar to ETL solutions, but more modern). Zuar Runner will save your organization the wasted time and hassle that manual data management brings, because it automates and manages all the intricate pipeline steps discussed above. With every part of your data pipeline automated, you can sit back and watch the data flow.

Last step: analytics! Zuar was originally founded as an analytics services company, so it’s in our DNA. We can help with EVERYTHING, including data prep, dashboard creation, staff training, and more. If you’re using Tableau, or might want to utilize that analytics platform, check out our Tableau services.
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What architecture should you use? Should you employ the latest trending technologies, or time-tested tech? What solution providers are needed to get everything implemented?

The success of a data initiative rests partly on the planning that goes into the project. Whether you want to open a new revenue stream, become more competitive, increase efficiency, or something else entirely, our services enable you to accomplish those goals with data.

When potential clients come to us, we start by learning about your business and business objectives, as BI implementation requires clearly defined, measurable goals. Zuar has the experience required to identify an optimal plan to meet those goals and avoid pitfalls.

Zuar provides free strategy assessments over the phone, so let’s find a time to chat!
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"Zuar is a leader in the space. They have years of experience with business intelligence platforms, data visualization softwares, being able to answer business questions with data, and knowing how to marry it all together to drive the most efficient outcome."

Derek Lilley, VP of Data, Analytics & Insights, Cresco Labs

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