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Tyler Sigman, Co-Founder, Co-President & Game Design Director, Red Hook Studios

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Red Hook Studio's Story

Red Hook Studios is an independent videogame developer based in Vancouver, BC. They are responsible for the wildly popular Darkest Dungeon series, of which they’ve sold millions of copies. Red Hook came to Zuar when they needed to take their player analytics to the next level.


Red Hook was using Excel files exported from PlayFab and player surveys to maintain and update their game. The standard PlayFab reports were not providing the information they were looking for. The data in Excel was very limited and would only show what happened on a single playthrough, limiting their information to disjoint and micro-level trends. Red Hook needed a solution that allowed them to look at all playthroughs, and understand data and trends at a macro level.


Red Hook’s tailored solution utilizes Zuar Runner, Zuar’s data staging platform. Runner pulls, normalizes and models the telemetry data on an automated schedule. This has allowed us to further model the telemetry (event) data, and see how certain events affect others. This provides Red Hook with the flexibility and insights that they need to continuously improve the game.


Red Hook now has a suite of Tableau dashboards that allow them to see and understand the business in ways that were never before possible. Thanks to their new capabilities for automating and modeling their PlayFab data, staff utilization of game data has grown significantly. The company no longer has to deal with messy, disorganized data. Now more decisions are being made based on sound analytics. Plus, hundreds of hours that were previously spent on manual reporting work has been eliminated.

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