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"Our business leaders were just completely blown away... we had like a month to choose our tools and a week after that decision was made, we had dashboards."

- Ben Schenck, Sr. Manager of Analytics

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Enboarder's Story

Enboarder provides companies software for staff onboarding, training and performance management. The platform allows employers to create engaging experiences for employees. Enboarder needed Zuar's help to build a medallion-style architecture that could provide insights from more than a dozen data sources quickly and efficiently.


Enboarder had many different data sources and needed something to bring them together for analytics, and a way to share these insights across the company. Enboarder had been using Salesforce as a defacto analytics platform, because other tools would feed into Salesforce. But they needed to build a best-in-class analytics platform that would connect, store and visualize their insights.


Enboarder's solution was to utilize Zuar's suite of tools. Zuar Runner pulled and prepped data from the varied data sources, with dbt managing orchestration. Tableau was utilized for visualization. Those insights were then securely disseminated across the company with Zuar Portal, providing self-serve convenience to stakeholders. Implementation was fast. They were ingesting data within hours, and data models and dashboards were up and running within a state-of-the-art portal within a week.


Using the Zuar platform, Enboarder now has hourly and daily snapshots feeding into their data warehouse and analytics/visualization tools. They've got buy-in and full usage by their marketing, customer success and sales teams, with future plans to provide the same to their product development teams.

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