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Positive Insights

"We want to be in an environment where we trust the data….an Zuar does that very efficiently."

Mike Ford, CEO, Positive Insights Consulting

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Positive Insight's Story

Positive Insights Consulting is based out of Dedham, Massachusetts. The firm specializes in measuring and forecasting business performance for its clients. Positive Insights came to Zuar to increase efficiency in their data collection, and provide a customized user experience for their clients.​


Positive Insights was spending a LOT of time aggregating data from their client’s systems, and even more time prepping that data for Tableau. They also wanted their client portal to provide a better user experience. Positive Insights needed a solution that would allow them to automate data collection/prep and visualize the data in a personalized client portal.


Positive Insight's solution was to utilize two Zuar products: Zuar Runner and Portal. With Runner, Positive Insights was able to completely automate the collection and preparation of data from different systems, and store it within the PostgreSQL database that comes with the platform. Zuar Portal allowed them to create a branded client portal that will enable them to personalize which analytics and dashboards can be viewed based on Tableau permissions.


Positive Insights now has an efficient and robust data warehouse that allows them and their clients to make data-driven decisions confidently. They went from a grueling weekly data-collection exercise to automatically pulling new data nightly, and have an industry leading customer portal with amazing dashboards and reports to impress their clients with.

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