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"The company's become very reliant on the reports that come out of Tableau... Zuar helps us bring new reports to life all the time."

Matt McConnell, Chief Executive Officer, Intradiem

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Intradiem's Story

Intradiem is a cloud-based automation company based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Intradiem helps companies reduce contact center costs by providing intelligent automation solutions that help agents do their jobs more efficiently, and with greater job satisfaction. Intradiem came to Zuar after purchasing Tableau to get more immediate value from the product.


Intradiem was gathering plenty of data but didn't have an automated process to effectively organize the data. Their process was not accurately showing how their product was operating across their customers' environments. Their teams were not able to infer which customers needed help and which customers were doing fine. Intradiem needed a solution that provided real time data in a single platform, and would clearly show the health of their business.


Intradiem's solution was to purchase Tableau and hire Zuar to shorten the learning curve and get more immediate value from the product. Zuar Runner, Zuar's end-to-end data pipeline solution, was used to automate the data gathering from a number of Intradiem's data silos. With Zuar's expertise they were able to prep, store, and pull the data into Tableau. This provides Intradiem a single source of truth, allowing for decisions to be made in real-time.


Intradiem now has a set of Tableau dashboards that allow them to see real-time product and customer data. With this advancement, Intradiem has become a data driven company. Employees are now giving data-backed recommendations instead of opinions and anecdotes. Plus, they have the advantage to see how their product is performing across all of their customers businesses in a single view.

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