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4Atmos Technologies

“We were a successful organization before we started with Zuar but we became more successful after we partnered with Zuar.”

Mike Jenson, President, 4Atmos Technologies

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4Atmos Technology's Story

4Atmos Technologies is based out of Waxahachie, Texas. Their consultants have deep domain experience to help empower organizations to rapidly deploy solutions and best practices that result in reduced lost opportunities and optimized efficiencies. 4Atmos came to Zuar when they wanted to provide better web visualizations and dashboards to their clients.


4Atmos was using email as the main medium for providing reports to their clients. They realized that people weren’t reading their email and needed a way to provide live analytics. 4Atmos adopted Tableau for visualization/dashboards, but had to overcome the platform’s limitations in regards to three-dimensional modeling. They also needed an automated solution for pulling and prepping their clients’ data.


The solution was to utilize Zuar Portal with Tableau. The Zuar team helped 4Atmos create an automated process for prepping their data for Tableau, and created a web portal of live dashboards that their clients would have instant access to. 4Atmos now provides their clients with a personalized user experience with access to three-dimensional reports.


Using their model with Zuar’s tools and services, 4Atmos has caught over 2,000 mechanical failures for its rail customers BEFORE they happened, vastly reducing downtime and bad PR for their clients. Zuar is excited to help play a role in such impactful outcomes!

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