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Tough Mudder

"We are able to see eye-to-eye with one view of the data. We established our core key metrics and use those as our building blocks for our business."

Alexander Von Rosenbach, Business Intelligence Lead, Tough Mudder

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Tough Mudder's Story

Tough Mudder, one of the most recognized endurance events in the country, relies on data analysis to improve customer experience, increase brand loyalty, and make informed, data-driven decisions. Like a vast number of large companies, Tough Mudder utilizes data collected through Salesforce to drive decisions by pulling it into Tableau for visual analysis.

As business continued to expand, the amount of data collected by Salesforce began to exceed the load capabilities of the Tableau Salesforce connector. Tough Mudder required a solution that would: a) allow them access to their rapidly expanding databases, b) enable their analysts to perform transformations on the accessible data, and c) storage for the perfectly modeled data for a fast and easy visual experience in Tableau. Tough Mudder found an answer through Zuar’s flagship software product, Zuar Runner.

Zuar Runner is an automated data pipeline that stages data for analytics. Easily integrate data from multiple sources into a database and prepare it for analysis.
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We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.

Prior to Zuar’s involvment, Tough Mudder’s marketing team was forced to rely on ad hoc analysis to answer a majority of their most difficult business questions. This would require the team to export millions of rows of data to SQL or Excel, then manually model and analyze the data. This process was extremely labor intensive and lacked a crucial component, automation.

The team realized that they needed a better process. The traditional method of extracting, transforming, and loading data requires scripting and database expertise or complex and expensive ETL tools.

Tough Mudder embraced Zuar Runner for its ability to simplify the extracting, loading, and modeling of data. Why did Tough Mudder choose Zuar Runner over the competitors? For its ability to sync Salesforce data to their existing database and simplify additional transformations. It also provides alerts via email or Slack when changes or failures occur throughout the entire process. The best part… No scripting or database expertise required.

With a smooth data flow process and robust Tableau dashboards, Tough Mudder now has a clear and comprehensive view of their customers. Tough Mudder no longer has to worry about reporting inconsistent information thanks to the creation of a single source of truth, which can be used by the entire organization.

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