Customer Success Story

Orange Door Research

"We had a complex, time sensitive project - [Zuar] was amazing. They got the job done on time, on budget; the final product was far better than we had anticipated, given the timelines. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Michael Kleinman, Founder & CEO, Orange Door Research

Orange Door Research's Story

Orange Door Research (ODR) collects and analyzes vast amounts of data from around the world. This data is used to help development agencies, foundations, and hedge funds improve their decision-making abilities in developing countries and emerging markets. Their analytics team began its pursuit to find new ways to communicate their data. After examining multiple options, ODR selected Tableau as their data visualization tool. Furthermore, ODR sought to provide their stakeholders with dashboards that had real-time data, were flexible enough to answer a broad range of questions and displayed a professional look and feel. ODR collaborated with Zuar to develop the dashboards and to design a custom user experience that could be easily and securely accessed. As an integrated and white-labeled solution, Tableau fades into the background leaving only a powerful analytics experience for customers. This is ODR’s story…

Orange Door Research specializes in helping public and private sector partners gather actionable, cost-effective and timely data in difficult environments. This includes a wide range of public sentiment, consumer, economic and political survey data. ODR’s team of political science and economic Ph.D.’s work together by combining their data with predictive analytics to deliver unique insights. ODR has engagements worldwide, including in Afghanistan, Brazil, China, DRC, India, Liberia, Nigeria, Russia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe. ODR assists some of the world’s leading international development organizations, as well as financial sector clients.

Phase 1 – Time Sensitive Dashboard Delivery. After ODR purchased Tableau licenses, they selected Zuar for their unique speed-to-value service delivery model. Zuar went to work immediately to develop dashboards that would deliver statistical insights. Zuar began by providing direction for data governance, which helped enable data consistency throughout the project. Within the first 10 hours of the engagement, ODR was presented an initial round of Dashboards. Zuar’s style of dashboard delivery helped ODR and their stakeholders envision new ways of displaying and interacting with their data. After seeing what is possible with Tableau, ODR began to understand how much of an impact data visualization could have with their customers. ODR began requesting additional functionality and Zuar quickly responded with improvements and new iterations. Once they possessed dashboards that were ready to go to market, ODR began seeking new ways to provide a custom user experience for their stakeholders. This launched phase 2 of ODR’s analytics project.

Phase 2 - Embedded Analytics. ODR selected Tableau Cloud to host Tableau dashboards. Although there are limitations to the amount of white-labeling that can be done with Tableau Cloud, ODR and Zuar were able to collaborate on several approaches that would offer a unique user experience. Zuar’s design team began portal development and website integration. Some of the crucial considerations made for ODR’s embedding project included:

  • Landing/web page development and integration
  • Sign on experience
  • Accessibility and privacy
  • Dashboard sizing flexibility (Responsiveness)
  • Dashboard and workbook navigation
  • Branding and style guides

After some in-depth conversations geared toward user experience and interaction, Zuar was able to develop customizable landing pages with embedded dashboards and a unique workbook navigation system. Zuar was able to integrate this development into ODR’s current web hosting platform. ODR’s stakeholders now have personalized landing pages, with ODR branding, to view and interact with embedded Tableau Dashboards.

Phase 3 - Ongoing iterations, improvements, and use case solutions. After the dashboards and the embedded solution were delivered, ODR continued to stay in contact with Zuar for future iterations. ODR continues to utilize Zuar for their expertise in solving new use case scenarios, developing new ways to visualize data, and assisting with data integration, refreshing, and governance.

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