A Customizable, White-labeled
Web Application for Embedded Analytics.

What is a portal?

What is a PORTAL?

The Zuar Portal is a secure web application for embedded Tableau dashboards that are being hosted on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Customize the branding, look and feel of the portal to meet the needs of your business. Embed additional functionality and other useful applications so that all of your analytics are in one place with a streamlined SSO experience.

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Zuar Portal Model

1. Location & Authentication: Designate hardware space on prem or in the cloud. Establish a scalable authentication firewall using the Web Application Firewall (WAF) or your own solution, allowing for a secure and streamlined Single Sign-On experience.

2. Feature Set: Talk with our team to decide on a workflow and feature set that will best meet your business needs, including the integration of other applications for a one stop analytics shop. We can help unify your brand by implementing a styleguide across the portal and additional embedded content.

3. Tableau Content: Use the content hosted on your Tableau Server or Tableau Online to create a white-labeled embedded experience for end users. Our team can also help build and rebrand your hosted Tableau content. Learn More Here.

Is a Zuar Portal Right for Me?

If you answer yes to any of the below statements, you should consider leveraging the Zuar portal:

  • I want full control of the presentation layer of my data value chain, including branding and user experience.
  • I receive frequent feature requests from end users that are not part of Tableau Server/Tableau Online.
  • I want to sell Tableau Analytics as part of my solution and I want to white-label my analytics.
  • I have other data applications that I want to present along with Tableau dashboards.

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