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Combine data from multiple sources, analyze it, visualize it, and more. Zuar's tools can help you get more out of your financial data, faster and more efficiently.

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Zuar's tools provide an end-to-end pipeline for your financial data, taking your raw data from various locations all the way to end-user dashboards. Plus, Zuar can handle the heavy lifting, so your implementation doesn't end up in limbo.

Automate the flow of all your financial data into a single destination for analytics.

The data pipeline software Zuar Runner is the core of our financial reporting. It collects data from multiple sources like Quickbooks, NetSuite, Google Sheets, Excel, etc., combining and preparing it for analysis. The solution is flexible, allowing you to choose where the data is stored. We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Data With Tableau

With Zuar Runner providing you clean sets of data to analyze, Zuar recommends Tableau for the visualization of your financial data. Utilize interactive dashboards that update automatically, often in real-time. Zuar is one of the leading Tableau consultancies in the world, ensuring you're able to take full advantage of what Tableau can provide, including advanced calculations and forecasting.

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Through intuitive dashboards, track your overall business performance, how and where your business is growing, strategic growth opportunities, inventory... anything. Let's discuss how we can perfect your organization's financial reporting.

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