Customized Client Portals for Sales Teams

Gain instant access to live forecasts and unlock actionable insights from your sales analytics. Boost productivity, elevate revenue, and manage risks more effectively with Zuar's tools and services.

Zuar Retail Dashboard
Transform Raw Data

Transform raw sales data into stunning dashboards.

Empower Your Team

Empower your team with real-time pipeline, compensation and quota metrics.

Enhance Forecast Accuracy

Enhance forecast accuracy with a comprehensive view of the entire sales cycle.

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Make Informed Plans Using Efficient Pipeline Management

With Zuar Portal you can easily and securely share almost any info and analytics with any audience, including executive management, staff, customers, vendors and partners. Gain a deeper understanding of your sales pipeline by identifying trends in lead sources, campaigns, accounts, and territories.

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Unleash the power of business intelligence, role-based dashboards, and embedded analytics under your brand.

  • Seamlessly integrate into your product/application, or provide access to a stand-alone custom client portal.
  • Scale effortlessly as your company and Sales teams grow.
  • Combine visualizations from different platforms such as Tableau, Power BI and ThoughtSpot.

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Create Your Single Source of Truth

Zuar Runner automates the process of combining data from different business systems, prepping it, and analyzing it.

  • Bring together data from different departments and divisions, removing progress-hindering data silos.
  • Optimize sales investments and coverage efficiently across territories.
  • Improve pipeline/funnel monitoring and forecast with more accuracy.

Expert Guidance for Data-Driven Transformation

Our experienced team specializes in the unique needs of Sales departments and teams, and can assist you in harnessing the full potential of your data. From initial consultation to the full implementation, Zuar is a full-service partner that can reduce the time and costs of your next data project.

With our expertise and advanced solutions, you can make informed, strategic decisions that drive growth, competitiveness, and increased profitability.

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