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Whether it's supply chain management, retail operations, e-commerce, IoT devices, or any other data source, the ability to access, analyze, and leverage this information can transform your business.

Zuar Retail Dashboard

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Create Your Single Source of Truth

Seamlessly integrate data from various sources and systems with Zuar Runner. Inventory data, sales data, HR data and more can all be brought together for more robust reporting.

Unhindered Dissemination

With Zuar Portal you can easily and securely share almost any info and analytics with any audience through a custom client portal. These audiences, such as staff, customers, vendors, and partners, gain access to previously hidden insights. These insights can be leveraged to enhance your planning and execution, resulting in more efficient operations, cost savings, and improved customer experiences.

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Watch how Manduka utilized Zuar Runner to pull data from NetSuite & reinvent their BI.

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Expert Guidance for Data-Driven Transformation

Our experienced team specializes in the unique challenges of the retail industry, and can assist you in harnessing the full potential of your data. From initial consultation to the full implementation, Zuar is a full-service partner that can reduce the time and costs of your next data project.

With our expertise and advanced solutions, you can make informed, strategic decisions that drive growth, competitiveness, and increased profitability.

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