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Unleash your PlayFab data

Take your game intelligence to the next level. Replace messy, disorganized data. Automate, model, and visualize your player data so you can start making game improvements based on timely, accurate analytics!
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Get a granular understanding of player behavior through intuitive, interactive dashboards

Zuar's integration/ETL tool, Zuar Runner, provides an end-to-end pipeline for player data, taking your raw data from PlayFab and various other locations, all the way to end-user dashboards. Plus, Zuar can handle the heavy lifting, so your implementation doesn't end up in limbo.

Zuar PlayFab Gaming Dashboard

Automate the flow of all your gaming data into a single destination for analytics

Gaming Data Pipeline Diagram with Zuar Runner
Zuar Runner can help you go far beyond the basic pre-built reporting capabilities of platforms such as PlayFab. It can collect data from multiple sources like PlayFab, Excel, QuickBooks, etc., combining and preparing it for analysis. The solution is flexible, allowing you to choose where the data is stored. We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.

Implement a complete, end-to-end analytics system that scales with your growth

Many gaming companies attempt to build an analytics system in-house. While a homegrown systems may work in the short-term, they tend to break down as the volume of data being inputted into the system increases exponentially. In these systems, reporting is often very manual, taking time away from more valuable activities.

The scalability of Zuar Runner allows companies to ingest large volumes of data without disruption. The flexibility of the solution means you can add more data sources as the need arises. And by automating the (previously manual) reporting tasks, there is no need to hire additional manpower to handle increases in data volume.

Zuar PlayFab Gaming Dashboard 2

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By utilizing advanced analytics to thoroughly understand player behavior, our customers are able to provide their players with the best possible gaming experience. This is how they are gaining a competitive advantage in the crowded gaming market. Let's talk about how we can help your company unleash the power of game intelligence!

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