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Zuar’s tools enable you to grab data from most any data source, preps it for analytics, and presents insights to any audience on any device. Enhance decision making, optimize operational efficiencies, reduce expenses, and improve supply-chain management.

Zuar Industrial Analytics Dashboard
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Real-Time Analytics Dashboards & More

Stay on top of your industrial processes with information derived from equipment, sensors, software, and more. These dashboards enable real-time visualization and monitoring of the complete industrial process.

Track Inventory

Track inventory levels, demand, and logistics in real time.

Identify Issues

Identify and address quality issues early, reducing defects and improving overall product quality.

Informed Decisions

Make more informed and timely decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

Mobile Industrial Dashboard

Zuar Portal provides staff easy access to insights and info, tailored to meet the specific requirements of various roles within the organization. Additional use cases include vendor portals, customer portals, and sharing with any other audience you can envision. With Zuar Portal you can:

  • Create bespoke pages and dashboards with drag 'n' drop set-up
  • Embed training videos, live feeds, employee manuals, etc.
  • Embed interactive content such as remote camera operation and daily questionnaires
  • Combine visualizations from different platforms such as Tableau, Power BI and ThoughtSpot

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Create Your Single Source of Truth
Industrial Analytics Pipeline

Manufacturing and other industrial companies have vast amounts of data to benefit from, but it’s stored across a plethora of different systems and silos:

  • Workforce Data
  • Inventory & Supply Chain
  • Warehouse & Manufacturing Floor
  • CPO, ERP, CRM, etc.

With Zuar Runner, pull data from all your disparate systems, prep it, and store it in the cloud for easy access by analytics platforms. The entire process is automated and easy to monitor.

Industrial Analytics Webinar

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See how companies in the manufacturing, automotive and logistics industries a utilizing their data to save money, increase revenue, and more.

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