Personalized Client Portals for Marketing Success

Zuar is an amazingly powerful, flexible platform for creating a single source of truth and disseminating your insights across the organization.

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Centralize All Your Marketing Data to Your Preferred Destination
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Fuel Your BI Tools With Fresh, Actionable Data
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Boost the ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns With Modern Data Solutions
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Drag 'n' Drop Analytics Dashboards & More

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Securely share analytics and dashboards globally

Monetize content and insights

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Launch web-based analytics products

Zuar Portal is the easy way to create custom client portals to monitor and securely share your marketing insights with staff, vendors, partners, and more.

  • Display your Tableau dashboards, PowerBI dashboards, amCharts, data tables, HTML content, markdown and more in a single location.
  • Host your Zuar Portal wherever you want it, and brand it however you like.
  • More basic solutions provide you a sharable link. Zuar Portal is protected with secure logins, and even SAML-based SSO.

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Transform Your Marketing Analytics With Automated Data Consolidation Into a Single Destination

Pull fresh data from over 100 sources and perform automated data transformations, Zuar Runner empowers marketing teams to uncover customer insights, improve campaign performance, and drive ROI.

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Grab & Prep Your Data for Analysis

Zuar Runner, our integration and ELT tool, gets your data where it needs to be. Make it easier and automate the process of turning raw data into end-user dashboards. Moreover, Zuar provides a unique level of flexibility, ensuring that your implementation doesn't get stuck in a state of uncertainty or indecision.

  • Access Hundreds of Connectors for Streamlined Data Integration
  • Data Lineage Tracking
  • Flexible and Customizable Sync Times to Suit Your Needs
  • End-to-End Automation
  • Data Modeling
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“We were a successful organization before we started with Zuar but we became more successful after we partnered with Zuar.”

Mike Jenson, President, 4Atmos Technologies

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