Talking Data Analytics On DM Radio

Data may be the new oil, but oil does have to be refined. The same goes for data!

Talking Data Analytics On DM Radio

We had the pleasure of speaking about what we love: DATA!

Data data data - it's everywhere and as the title of Eric Kavanagh's DM Radio Podcast proclaims --> "Bigger and Wilder? The Data Is Everywhere"

Eric Kavanagh and I met years ago, and have worked in the same industry for well over 20 years. I have been a guest on DM Radio before but this time was different. This time it was all about introducing our CEO Whitney Myers and showing off with some wonderful data-driven things done at Zuar.

Eric is a great host because he himself is a data lover. And considering that his show is the longest running data driven podcast out there, he's had many years to attain near perfection! I love talking with him and as you can tell, the passion is obvious when you hear us speak.

Eric started us off with one of his wonderful introductory stories about data. Eric stated "If you look at the biggest, most innovative companies, the ones that are really taking off these days, every one of them has data as a core component of their DNA. In fact, the other day I just said to myself that, 'Data is now the D in enterprise DNA.' Whatever your company is, the data is what tells the story. It's what is used. It's fuel. Sometimes people call it oil, but oil does have to be refined, so that metaphor holds quite well because you have to refine oil to get it in a usable condition, and the same goes for data."

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After my introduction, I elaborated on my career in data, "I started out in 1998, there was a mainframe and SAS. As always collecting data is a very strategic part of the business, and as the business grows, so does the value of that data, as you were alluding to, but only if you're using it correctly. Now, we work with terabytes of data, and it's done very quickly, so thanks to NVIDIA and all these great chips that have been created. We're really doing remarkable as far as speed, but what we haven't been able to get up to speed with is the talent. You hear a lot about, 'We can't find a data scientist. We can't find developers. We can't find data engineers.' THIS is when it may be necessary to reach out to that third-party company like Zuar. If you don't have the ability to query company-wide, if you don't know what each department is doing then you are wasting time and money"

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Whitney is introduced, and relates her response to comments made about time to complete a successful project: "We're not going to sacrifice direction for perfection!" Fantastic quote by our CEO, Whitney had some other great information for the viewers and listeners as well. Here are a few excepts: "We are a data technology company in Austin, and we started out kind of trying to solve challenges with visual analytics and business intelligence, and then came up with the solution Mitto that we actually call ELT+ because it's everything. For companies that have never done this before, we have a kind of almost like a stack-in-the-box solution, connects to data, loads it into an internal database, can transform it.

Whitney continues with words of wisdom for companies attempting to be 'data driven,' "For companies that have a fast growing kind of BI strategy where they've already made investments in Snowflake or Redshift. We can send that data to another destination, but it it's interesting what you talk about, the concept of Datamesh. I think it kind of seems to be a new perspective on a problem we've been trying to solve for a while, which is, how can we quickly get the right data into the hands of users in a way that they can understand? Your approach kind of is only as good as the technology you have at your disposal. "

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Everyone agrees that we all want to be data driven but gone are the days of a mainframe and only having SAS. Now we have a multitude of programming languages and data connectors. Today, more data is being collected than ever before. Eric proclaimed; "One of my favorite expressions is, 'Perfect is the enemy of good.' You are going to have to accept some issues with your data, just as long as you're focused on getting business value from it."

We talked about value and speed and the ability to be data driven, and in our closing comments Whitney explains how Zuar works with companies  "It's like, 'let's get up and go,' a really great example is the shifting landscape of retail in which so many people now have moved their business to Amazon. We have an Amazon selling partner solution to help you get that data and access it. You need that in a day, and a day sometimes isn't even exciting enough of a timeline, depending on the project, you may want to know every five minutes if your listing is being undercut by a fraction of a penny by a competitor." Timing is everything, and in time series models, your day may be my minute, it is relative to each individual business.

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We don't want to give away everything that was said during our interview, so please continue on to the recording and enjoy. Thanks again to Eric Kavanagh of DM Radio for having us, and we look forward to having more great podcast together in the future.

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If your organization has data issues that you can use some help with, please don't hesitate to reach out to Zuar.

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