What Is ThoughtSpot? Benefits, Use Cases & More

Learn what ThoughtSpot is and how their AI-driven platform can transform your data stack.

ThoughtSpot explained


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, making data-driven decisions is paramount to success. Organizations that can quickly access, analyze, and derive insights from their data have a clear competitive advantage.

But how can businesses harness the power of data without getting bogged down in complex tools and processes? Enter ThoughtSpot, an AI-powered analytics platform that revolutionizes data discovery and empowers users to access valuable insights for better decision-making. So, what is ThoughtSpot?

ThoughtSpot takes the complexity out of data analysis and visualization, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. With its powerful search-driven analytics and user-friendly interface, ThoughtSpot is transforming the way organizations leverage their data.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what ThoughtSpot is, its key features, and how it can positively impact various business processes across industries.

Key Takeaways

  • ThoughtSpot is a leader in search-driven analytics, with features like AI-powered insights and data visualization.
  • It integrates modern data stack technologies, automated cloud connectors, and AI algorithms for efficient decision-making.
  • ThoughtSpot provides improved visibility and accessibility, enhanced discovery capabilities, and robust security features to harness the power of data analysis.
Overview of ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot Defined

ThoughtSpot is an AI-powered analytics platform designed to enable users to:

  • Query data using natural language and obtain precise results
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for querying and analyzing data from various sources, including data warehouses
  • Offer numerous advantages such as predictive and proactive insights, expedited and more precise analysis, data-driven advice, improved data visualization, and enhanced data management capabilities

These features have led ThoughtSpot to be widely acknowledged as a leader in search-driven analytics.

ThoughtSpot dashboard

Key Features of ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot Everywhere, a standout feature of ThoughtSpot, facilitates the creation of interactive data applications that dovetail effortlessly with users’ existing cloud ecosystems. These interactive data apps allow users to:

  • Explore and comprehend data through smart data discovery
  • Access interactive data visualizations
  • Develop bespoke data applications to address their unique needs

ThoughtSpot provides developer tools and a low-code platform to empower organizations in creating these applications.

In addition, ThoughtSpot Everywhere integrates seamlessly with enterprise SaaS offerings, Google Connected Sheets, and open APIs for actionable insights and data-driven workflows using self-service BI tools.

How It Works

ThoughtSpot works by connecting to cloud data platforms, automating data analysis, and presenting findings in an easily interpretable and shareable format within an organization.

To connect to cloud data platforms, ThoughtSpot offers pre-built cloud connectors, allowing for faster deployment and setup, eliminating the need to transfer data into ThoughtSpot for analysis.

For auto-analyzing data, ThoughtSpot leverages SpotIQ, an AI-driven algorithm that detects anomalies, correlations, and trends in the data.

This helps businesses uncover valuable insights from their data, ensuring they have the information they need to make informed decisions and take action based on the findings.

Watch this video by Zuar's CEO, Whitney Myers, to learn how to harness the power of ThoughtSpot and how it can be enhanced through the Zuar Stack:

Features of ThoughtSpot

The Power of Search-Driven Analytics

Search-driven analytics facilitates swift information search, data analysis, and generation of reports and dashboards for users.

By allowing anyone to conveniently search and analyze data without requiring specialized technical skills or knowledge, search-driven analytics democratizes access to advanced analytics insights and empowers individuals across an organization to make data-driven decisions.

This newfound accessibility to insights can lead to improved business processes, more efficient decision-making, and ultimately, greater success for the organization.

Search-driven analytics has a wide range of practical applications across various industries and use cases, such as enterprise business applications, regulatory compliance, credit scoring, risk management, and customer interactions.

By implementing search-driven analytics, organizations can gain numerous benefits, including the ability to better understand their data, make faster and more informed decisions, and achieve true data literacy by providing decision-makers with the necessary tools for business analytics.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Self-service business intelligence empowers business users to:

  • Access data
  • Create data visualizations
  • Create BI dashboards
  • Create reports

This reduces reliance on IT teams or data experts. The democratization of data access and analysis empowers individuals across an organization to gain insights and make data-driven decisions, fostering a data-driven culture within the organization.

Utilizing self-service business intelligence has several advantages, including:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Increased ability to identify business opportunities
  • Prevention of data silos
  • Improved productivity and cost reduction
  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Reduced reliance on IT teams
  • Improved collaboration

By providing users with the tools they need to access and analyze data, self-service business intelligence enables organizations to harness the power of their data and make more informed decisions.

Integration With Modern Data Stack

ThoughtSpot integrates with modern data stack technologies such as Snowflake, allowing businesses to fully take advantage of the power, scalability, and performance of their data infrastructure.

Modern data stack

By offering integration with a variety of data platforms and data warehouse solutions, including:

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Cassandra
  • Databricks Delta Lake
  • Snowflake
  • Google BigQuery

ThoughtSpot enables organizations to access and analyze data from multiple sources without having to manually move or copy data between systems.

This streamlined integration ensures that businesses can efficiently analyze and derive insights from their data, ultimately improving decision-making and driving success.

What is search-driven analytics?

ThoughtSpot's Impact on Business Processes

ThoughtSpot significantly influences diverse business processes by offering valuable insights that enhance decision-making and process improvement. Its powerful AI analytics capabilities, enabled by natural language processing, empower businesses to:

  • Operationalize customer insights
  • Increase speed, efficiency, accuracy, and confidence in insights
  • Optimize business processes
  • Expand opportunities for growth

As a result, organizations across industries can optimize their business processes and expand their opportunities for growth.

By offering data insights that inform data-driven decisions, ThoughtSpot helps organizations in a variety of industries to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Real-Life Use Cases

A broad spectrum of organizations, such as Verizon, CVS, Medtronic, Hulu, and many others, have successfully adopted ThoughtSpot.

In real-world scenarios, ThoughtSpot has enabled data analysis time to be reduced significantly. By providing a self-service analytics platform, ThoughtSpot allows users to ask questions, analyze data, and build reports and dashboards in a matter of seconds, without requiring extensive training or technical knowledge.

As a result, users can efficiently access and analyze data, improving the efficiency of data analysis processes and saving time.

Industries That Benefit From ThoughtSpot

Industries such as retail, financial services, manufacturing, communications, and healthcare and life sciences commonly utilize ThoughtSpot.

In the retail industry specifically, ThoughtSpot offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Expedited insights
  • Sales and margins optimization
  • Pricing optimization
  • Inventory planning
  • Customer behavior analysis

In the manufacturing industry, ThoughtSpot offers features like real-time analytics, inventory planning, business intelligence, and data visualization, allowing manufacturers to enhance production processes, manage inventory proficiently, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions.

These are just two examples of industries that can benefit from ThoughtSpot's solutions.

ThoughtSpot use cases

Security and Governance in ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot guarantees data security and governance through its robust privacy measures and role-based access control.

By implementing physical, administrative, and technical safeguards, ThoughtSpot ensures the protection of personal data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Security and privacy are of utmost importance to ThoughtSpot, making it a reliable and secure choice for organizations concerned about data protection.

Data Privacy Measures

ThoughtSpot implements various data privacy measures to ensure data security, including:

  • Cloud security and governance controls
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Robust row-level security
  • Access control and authentication methods

Additionally, enterprise-grade data governance, security, and compliance features are provided to help organizations maintain their data privacy and adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Beyond its robust security measures, ThoughtSpot is committed to protecting privacy and using personal data only as necessary for business purposes.

They regularly evaluate and revise their security and privacy programs to ensure compliance with principles and regulations such as GDPR and Privacy Shield.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control in ThoughtSpot is a system for managing users and groups, and assigning privileges to them according to their roles.

Role-based access control diagram

Each group in ThoughtSpot has a set of privileges that define the actions its members are able to perform. These privileges can include view and edit access to data, downloading saved answers, and uploading user data.

By assigning users to specific groups with the appropriate privileges, role-based access control ensures that users only have access to the functionality and data that is relevant to their role, thus enhancing data security and privacy.

Role-based access control works in tandem with other security features in ThoughtSpot, such as object security and row-level security, to further enhance data security and privacy.

By combining these measures, ThoughtSpot ensures that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users, protecting organizations from potential data breaches and unauthorized access.

ThoughtSpot security

Combing ThoughtSpot With Zuar's Solutions

While ThoughtSpot is a powerful solution on its own, combining its capabilities with Zuar's ELT and data portal solutions can create an end-to-end data management and analytics ecosystem that enhances data accessibility, streamlines processes, and maximizes the value of data-driven insights for businesses.

ThoughtSpot and Zuar
Learn more about partnership 

Zuar Runner

Zuar Runner, a robust ELT platform, enhances and streamlines data pipelines for ThoughtSpot Analytics, known for its advanced natural language search queries.

It extracts data from various sources, transforms and models it, and efficiently manages it on the client’s chosen cloud platform. This automation amplifies ThoughtSpot Analytics’ ability to provide instant, insightful data access.

Zuar Portal

For businesses looking to monetize their insights, Zuar Portal seamlessly integrates with ThoughtSpot Everywhere, speeding up their market approach and offering a compelling, user-friendly experience.

This synergy allows organizations to turn their data into revenue by establishing a centralized analytics hub for clients, employees, vendors, and partners.

The combination of ThoughtSpot Everywhere and Zuar Portal results in a secure, custom-branded application, opening up a myriad of new applications and market possibilities.

For a more in-depth conversation on these platforms and how they can work together, check out this webinar:

Webinar On-Demand: AI-Powered Embedded Analytics with ThoughtSpot
See how Zuar’s integration with ThoughtSpot Everywhere can help you go-to-market significantly faster while providing your users with an engaging, intuitive user experience.
Integrating ThoughtSpot and Zuar

Choosing the Right Data Discovery Tool

Choosing an appropriate data discovery tool is imperative for businesses to derive valuable insights and make informed decisions.

By choosing a tool that offers ease of use, compatibility with existing data infrastructure, and scalability, organizations can harness the power of their data and drive success.

ThoughtSpot is a powerful data discovery tool that offers personalized insights, seamless integration with modern data stacks, and robust security and governance features, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to harness the power of data discovery.

Key Factors to Consider

Considerations such as usability, compatibility with existing data infrastructure, and scalability are important when selecting a data discovery tool.

A user-friendly tool that offers a straightforward user interface ensures that users can quickly and easily access and analyze data, without requiring extensive training or technical knowledge.

In addition, seamless integration with existing data infrastructure enables users to access and analyze data from multiple sources without having to manually move or copy data between systems.

The manual data discovery process becomes more efficient and effective with the right tool in place, and proper data preparation is a key component of this process.

Scalability is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a data discovery tool. A scalable tool should be able to:

  • Efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data
  • Accommodate a growing number of users
  • Scale up its capabilities as the data and user requirements expand

This ensures that the tool can effectively support the needs of the organization as its data ecosystem evolves.

Benefits of ThoughtSpot

With its many benefits for data discovery, ThoughtSpot stands as an ideal choice for organizations aiming to harness the power of data discovery. Some of the benefits include:

  • Greater control over data assets
  • Enhanced data discovery capabilities
  • Freedom to analyze data with no predefined limitations or drill paths

ThoughtSpot empowers users to make better-informed decisions based on data insights.

Furthermore, ThoughtSpot offers the following features:

  • Utilizes artificial intelligence to generate automated insights from data
  • Flexible and intuitive search architecture enables natural language querying
  • Provides personalized insights
  • Offers seamless integration with modern data stacks
  • Includes robust security and governance features

With these capabilities, ThoughtSpot is an ideal choice for organizations looking to harness the power of data discovery.

Selecting a data discovery tool

Implementing ThoughtSpot: What's Next?

As we've outlined, ThoughtSpot is a powerful AI-powered analytics platform that revolutionizes data discovery, enabling users to access and analyze data with ease.

With its search-driven analytics, self-service business intelligence, seamless integration with modern data stacks, and robust security and governance features, ThoughtSpot is transforming the way organizations leverage their data to make informed decisions.

By combining its capabilities with the functionality that Zuar's solutions provide, you can create an end-to-end data pipeline that efficiently handles data from extraction and transformation to visualization and reporting, enabling seamless, comprehensive, and actionable insights for decision-making across your organization.

To learn more about how these two powerful platforms can supercharge your data stack, schedule some time with one of our friendly data experts!

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