Zuarticles! Best of 2021

See our most popular articles on topics like big data, cloud migration, embedded analytics, Tableau tips, and the NetSuite API.

Zuarticles! Best of 2021

As we complete yet another exciting year at Zuar, we hope your organization and you personally have had a wonderful past 12 month, and that 2022 will be as amazing for you as we think it will be at Zuar!  To wrap up the year, we've provided a selection of some of the most notable articles that we've published in 2021. Enjoy!  

Most Popular Article on Social Media

Announcement: Zuar Appoints Whitney Myers as Chief Executive Officer
Today Zuar announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Whitney Myers as Chief Executive Officer. Learn more...

Most Engrossing Article (avg. time on page)

Cloud Data Migration Strategy: Benefits, Planning, Process | Zuar
Technology is always moving forward and opening up new opportunities, but withthose opportunities come risks, and not every business will benefit from thesenew opportunities. So it is with cloud-based computing, which has evolved overthe last decade to be a viable alternative for a large number o…

Longest Article @ 3,091 Words

Tableau Server: Hardware Performance Tuning Tips | Zuar
See a customer use case showing how to measure and maximize the performance of your Tableau Server investment.

Most Popular How-To Article

Tableau Dashboard Actions: Setting Up, Use Cases & Problem Solving
Dashboard actions, parameters, and filters are some of the best tools you canuse in Tableau. They give you a way to transfer the control of the analysis toyour end-users, which is critical in data visualization [https://www.zuar.com/] to help allow discovery for your users and also to make it eas…

Most Popular Article on Integration/ETL

SOAP Requests for NetSuite API | Zuar
Learn new ways to work with NetSuite’s SuiteTalk Web Services Platform to gain access to customer data for subsequent transformation, enhancement, and presentation.

Most Popular Article on Embedded Analytics

How to Embed a Tableau Dashboard in to a Website | Zuar
Here’s how to embed Tableau dashboards with a Tableau embed code, Tableau Javascript API, and iframe + Tableau share link.

Most Popular Article on Data Storage

Data Mart vs Data Warehouse vs Data Base vs Data Lake | Zuar
Not sure whether to invest in a data mart, data warehouse, database or data lake? Let’s examine the key differences.

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