How to Convert CSV to SQL

Do you need a solution to convert CSV to SQL? This guide will provide you with the best methods and solutions to transform your data.

Step-by-step guide for converting CSV to SQL


Data integration is a crucial way to get intelligent, data-driven insights that your organization needs to beat your competitors and increase customer service. The data integration process uses multiple sources of information, bundled together to make analysis and reporting a lot more painless.

During the data integration process, one of the more common hurdles you may encounter is working with CSV files when you're trying to utilize an SQL database.

Here, we are going to discuss some quick and easy ways to implement a CSV to SQL converter, and some tools that will help that process.

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Overview of CSV to SQL conversion process

What Are CSV, SQL and ETL?

CSV stands for 'comma-separated-values'. This format is used by separating each data point with a comma. Each record containing data points is separated with a new line, so that each line in a CSV file equates to a single data record.

'Structured query language', or SQL, is a database language for writing queries directly on top of a data source used to modify the database, tables, or individual records.

CSV is easy to read but not maximized for performance. To get the best performance out of the data transformation process, it is often necessary to convert CSV to a format to which SQL can be applied.

One way to migrate data uses a process called 'extract, transform, and load', or ETL. You can also use its inverse, ELT ('extract, load, and transform').

This process extracts the information from its source, loads it into a secure and accessible storage location, and then allows you to run transformations on data to comply with the new standards and/or prepare it for analytics.

A CSV to SQL converter will primarily invoke extract or load functions in ETL/ELT tools, so that the data is prepared for SQL-based transformations.

Difference between CSV, SQL & ETL

CSV to SQL Methods

There are a variety of tools for converting CSV to SQL, depending on the intentions of use by the business.

What Tools Can You Use to implement a CSV to SQL Converter?

The tools to move data stored in a CSV file to a SQL database differ greatly based on the exact use case, data size, storage location, and frequency of data migrations.

The easiest solution involves using tools like DBeaver or SQL database clients such as MySQL Workbench and SMSS (SQL Server) to facilitate uploading a CSV file directly from your computer.  However, these tools may not be great to use for larger CSV files and may not have the customizability or automation capability required for a regular data migration/ETL process.

Some other concerns to keep in mind are the issue of having duplicate columns and headers that might not transfer correctly to SQL. Or, on the flip side, your CSV may have no headers at all, creating a similar issue. Your CSV may also have no concept of type and therefore creating the issue of not knowing what the data type should be.

Again, there will be pros and cons to using these tools, but a dedicated data integration software that can efficiently perform the conversion for you might be best.

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CSV to SQL conversion techniques

Secure, Long-Term Solutions

To save time during the integration process, you can use data integration software. The software can handle a variety of file formats, including SQL and CSV. Runner is a data staging platform that can be a great solution to this problem. Runner is designed to make data integration fast, painless, and automated for the end-user.

If you are doing more intricate work with your CSV to SQL conversion, you can make use of Runner's CSV integration to extract the data from the CSV, allow you to easily define columns and data type, load it into a SQL database, and then store or save the results in a data warehouse. You can then model the newly transformed CSV file with SQL to prepare it for analytics. This entire process allows you to convert source data to the desired target format, or in this example, from CSV to SQL.

Learn exactly how to use Runner's CSV integration here!

Want to get the most out of your data? Zuar offers data staging services to build data integrations, pipelines, infrastructure, and models.

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Long-term solutions

Solutions to Convert CSV to SQL

Converting from CSV to SQL is an essential part of the data integration process, no matter what solution you may choose. There are many options for conversion, depending on the intended use and frequency of the information.

  1. Zuar Runner
    For the fastest and most efficient way to covert your CSV, Zuar has released the latest version of the Zuar Runner ELT+ solution. You can use our tool to convert your CSV into SQL with the push of a button. Runner allows for integrations with all the tools you use regularly. Schedule a Runner demo.
  2. Software Client
    Most modern programming languages have libraries which can be used to connect to a SQL database or generate SQL queries, such as: SQLAlchemy, SQLify, or ODBC/JDBC drivers from your database.  A custom software client can migrate data from a CSV file directly into the target SQL database.
  3. SQL Database Clients
    Most SQL databases have downloadable clients which can be used to directly interact with the contents of the tables. The majority of these clients are capable of loading the data from a locally-stored CSV file, and migrating the data into a table.
  4. Database Server Shell Commands
    Lastly, every SQL database server comes with a CLI (command-line interface) which can be used to perform database operations from the command prompt or bash terminal. Research the commands available for your SQL database of choice to load data from a CSV file, located elsewhere on the server, into the database.
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List of CSV to SQL solutions

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