Zuar Forges a Dynamic Partnership With ThoughtSpot in Their Quest to Revolutionize AI-Powered Analytics

Zuar Platform Helps ThoughtSpot Customers Maximize the Value of Their Data, Launch Embedded Analytics Faster, And...

Zuar Forges a Dynamic Partnership With ThoughtSpot in Their Quest to Revolutionize AI-Powered Analytics

Zuar, a leading provider of embedded analytics solutions, today announced their partnership with ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics Company. Together, Zuar and ThoughtSpot will help joint customers remove the barriers that organizations face when delivering a modern data experience.

ThoughtSpot's two flagship offerings, ThoughtSpot Analytics and ThoughtSpot Everywhere, perfectly complement Zuar's solutions, Zuar Runner and Zuar Portal. This synergy promises a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to a wide array of data analytics use cases.

“At ThoughtSpot, we’re focused on putting the power of AI in the center of BI. AI and machine learning has always been a core pillar of our product. Now, with generative AI, we’re in a unique position to supercharge how our customers can unleash the value of AI and analytics. This partnership with Zuar extends our capabilities to work with any data and to seamlessly integrate ThoughtSpot into new and existing workflows at companies dedicated to data-driven decision making, and for those looking to embed analytics into their apps and help their end customers do the same,” said Kuntal Vahalia, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Channel and Alliances and Head of APJ at ThoughtSpot.

Zuar Runner creates and optimizes data pipelines for ThoughtSpot Analytics to query using its natural language search. ThoughtSpot Analytics, renowned for its live query natural language search capabilities, delivers instant access to essential data insights. Zuar Runner allows for the extraction of data from diverse sources, transforming and modeling it, and seamlessly maintaining it at the client’s preferred data cloud platform. These automated data wrangling capabilities unlock the full power of ThoughtSpot Analytics for customers.

For companies aiming to monetize their insights, Zuar Portal fully integrates with ThoughtSpot Everywhere, allowing customers to go-to-market significantly faster and deliver an engaging, intuitive user experience. This integration empowers organizations to turn data into revenue by creating a productized analytics headquarters for customers, staff, vendors, and partners. By combining the capabilities of ThoughtSpot Everywhere with Zuar Portal, users have a fully branded, highly secure application that provides them with a wealth of new use cases and market opportunities.

"At Zuar, we’re on a mission to help customers solve problems with data. By combining our data wrangling and embedded analytics platform with ThoughtSpot’s AI-powered search experience, we’re automating the toughest parts of launching a monetized solution,” says Whitney Myers, CEO of Zuar. “In freeing organizations of the obstacles that stall or delay taking data-driven solutions to market, we’re aiming to spur the next generation of ideas and innovation. I’m excited about how this partnership with ThoughtSpot will empower entrepreneurs and change agents across the globe.”

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