Every once and a while our consultants get the inkling to throw down on some friendly competition. Sometimes it involves after work board games, the occasional freestyle rap battle, or simply shooting Nerf darts into a bucket from across the room. This month took a turn for the best, with two of our consultants (equally skilled at Tableau) going head to head for an in-house iron viz.  The results were beautiful...

Rules of Engagement:

  1. 4 hours total (1 hour per week over the course of a month, at the office, with use of an actual timer)
  2. 1 data set used by both, "This dataset contains a random collection of 530k tweets starting from the Round of 16 till the World Cup Final that took place on 15 July, 2018 & was won by France" World Cup Tweets in CSV format. (which is a monster data set, by the way)
  3. The tool set, and this is where it gets interesting...
    • Tableau 2018.1
    • One consultant was able to use Mitto, our proprietery data staging platform, to model the data. (I will refer to this consultant as Dr. Mitto)
    • One consultant had to use brute force to grind it out and do his best to model the data without any additional help. (I will refer to this consultant as The Ogre)

Dr. Mitto vs. The Ogre

Dr. Mitto

Mitto allowed me to split out every word from the string of tweets to create individual columns and then pivot the word list to align it with tweet IDs.

  • Mitto provided the ability to import additional fixture information, teams, and players.
  • Due to the ugliness of the data, mitto was leveraged to import the csv into a database, and then modeled with the built in SQL editor.

View in desktop browser for best experience

The Ogre

Due to the sheer size of the data set, it took the first 20 minutes of brute force to get it into Tableau but by the end of the first hour, we were neck and neck.

  • Experienced obvious performance constraints.
  • Had less time to focus on dashboard designing

View in desktop browser for best experience

Post Game Recap

I'm no official so I leave you to decide on the winner. Besides some good ol' fashioned competitive entertainment, I think the results speak to something bigger here, the power of a great data staging tool. Although it may not be obvious if you're only viewing the end results, Dr. Mitto was able to accomplish a level of data preparation with ease, speed, and complexity that The Ogre was not. Anyone with an understanding of Tableau can tell you that one of the largest barriers to great visualizations is the size, structure and cleanliness of your data. If you'd like to learn more about the tool used by Dr. Mitto, check it out here!

Well, that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this friendly match up. Stay tuned for our next fixture.  If you've got a great data set that you'd like to see featured,  drop us a link below!