Webinar On Demand: The Data Utilization Revolution Session 2

How to Embed Interactive Tableau Insights Into Web Sites & Business Apps

Building a modern analytics portal

Building a modern analytics portal from scratch is no small feat, and involves many intersecting technical areas. This 90 minute hands-on workshop walks you through the basics of embedding analytics within web pages and business applications. Using Tableau as an example, you’ll learn best practices and tips/tricks for overcoming hurdles when implementing a data-disseminating web portal.

We’ll take a deep dive into the 4 technical areas that you need to be ready for:

Embedding in a Web Application

  • From iFrame to JavaScript API to Enterprise App - see the options for displaying your content to ensure a professional presentation.
  • Learn how to make the content YOURS through branding and customization, and then see how to protect it.

Protecting Your Data

  • Authentication and Authorization: SSO, Row Level Security, Permissions
  • SaaS/Cloud Hosted vs Self Hosted

User Experience Optimization

  • Learn different ways to allow users to interact and navigate content, and how to help them in their analytics journey.

Data Quality

  • Don’t settle. Successfully gather data from even your most difficult sources
  • How to ensure you’re always presenting the freshest data

You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of what’s needed to implement, how Zuar can help, documentation with example code, and a few new tricks!

And don't miss the first session of this series, which is a more general overview of the what and how of embed initiatives.

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