Webinar On Demand: The Data Utilization Revolution Session 1

What is Embedded Analytics & Why Your Company Should Embrace It

Webinar On Demand: The Data Utilization Revolution Session 1

See how companies are capturing the value of their data to save time, create a competitive advantage, and generate new revenue streams with embedded analytics. This overview includes the why, what, and how of launching a web portal or embedding analytics on the web and within your business applications. This session is focused on business leaders in charge of go-to-market strategies.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The Business Case for Embedded Analytics: Why this market is growing to $102B by 2027.
  • Providing every audience the data they need, where they need it: customers, vendors, partners, staff, etc.
  • Monetizing Your Insights: A brief look at what’s needed and expected to monetize vs providing a strong value-add.

There are endless use cases, such as:

  • Embedding a BI platform, like Tableau, into a web page or portal
  • Creating an analytics application: Incorporate your Tableau elements with multimedia, data tables, and any web-based information

Participants walk away with a solid understanding of the opportunities available to their businesses.

For those looking for technical expertise in how to deploy, please join us for the very hands-on second part of this series.

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