Senior Software Engineer

Zuar is hiring a Senior Python developer to help grow Mitto, our flagship product.

Senior Software Engineer

Job Type

Full-time, Remote

Job Description

Our development team is growing.  We have an opening for a Senior Software Engineer with seven or more years experience developing complex, large-scale products in Python.

The ideal candidate is a sharp, creative, self-starter that thrives on solving problems on their own but that isn't reluctant to ask for suggestions or guidance when roadblocks appear.  You have an inquisitive nature and want to understand why things work as they do, not just how to do it.  A solid understanding of computing fundamentals (operating systems, programming languages, algorithms, etc.)  guides your thought process, designs, and implementations.  You like to pursue assignments to completion and don't like to leave loose ends.

As a member of our backend team, you'll be responsible for designing and developing new features for Zuar's Mitto product -- a sophisticated, large-scale, job orchestration system for data pipelines written in Python. Your experience and knowledge will allow you to make significant contributions to product architecture as well as improvements to product performance, usability, deployment, and scalability.

We follow a lightweight but effective development process that includes twice weekly standups, design and code reviews, 100% test coverage, automated scans for common mistakes (e.g, pylint, flake8), and CI workflows that ultimately create the Docker containers that we deploy.

If you are so inclined, there's ample opportunity to get involved with our devops group, look for ways to improve documentation and related tools, or increase your amount of interaction with customers.

Core Technologies

  • OS - Ubuntu, Alpine
  • containers - Docker, docker-compose
  • languages - Python 3.8/3.9, Lua, bash
  • web servers - nginx, openresty, gunicorn
  • cloud - Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean
  • devops - Terraform, Packer, Vault, Ansible
  • databases - Postgres, SQLServer, MySql, Snowflake, MongoDB, JDBC, Redshift, RocksDB, SQLAlchemy
  • frontend - Angular, Vue, Vue.js, Astro
  • documentation - Sphinx, MkDocs, OpenAPI, Markdown, JSON Schema, Pydantic, Astroid
  • API - FastAPI, APIToolbox
  • version control - git, GitHub
  • continuous integration - CircleCI

Education and Experience

University degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other engineering discipline if coupled with significant coursework or experience in software development.

Seven or more years of product development experience using our core technologies.

The Company

Zuar is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for companies of any size. Since launching in 2015, our approach has focused on actionable game plans that solve real business problems. With our data staging and analytics solutions, Zuar helps people turn their data into a competitive advantage.  For the past two years, Zuar has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States.


Zuar is 100% remote, but candidates located in or near Austin, Texas are preferred.  Ideally, during your first few months, you'll be working in-person with our Austin development team a few days a week.  Once you're acclimated to our environment and products, you can work from home, with one-day in-person meetings every week or two.  While we hope to be able to work together face-to-face as needed, fully-remote candidates with exceptionally strong backgrounds are encouraged to apply and will receive full consideration.

What You'll Get


  • paid medical
  • dental
  • vision
  • ten company holidays
  • ten vacation days


  • $Market + equity
  • 401K with matching

Work-life Balance

Everyone on our team is smart, works hard, and gets a lot done.  It's a fun and stimulating environment. That's typical of many startups.  What's not so typical is that we sincerely want everyone to have a life and interests outside of work.  In fact, we encourage it and do our best to ensure that you have the ti  me for them.

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