Goal: Tableau Embedded into Salesforce with Single Sign On

Embed Tableau dashboards into standalone pages in Salesforce:

Tableau Dashboard Embedded in Salesforce

Or embed filtered Tableau dashboards directly into existing Salesforce workflows and pages:

Tableau visual embedded in Salesforce workflows and pages


Zuar Portal

The Zuar Portal serves as the glue between Salesforce and Tableau. It enables a secure, single sign on experience for end users in Salesforce.

If you do not have a Zuar Portal, please let us know and we will spin up a trial for you or help you make a purchase.


Access to a Salesforce admin account.

Zuar Portal embedding works with both Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, however we will be detailing instructions for Salesforce Lightning.

Tableau Server / Tableau Online

  1. Tableau Server / Tableau Online account. If you do not have a Tableau Server / Tableau Online account, please let us know and we will spin up a trial for you or help you make a purchase.
  2. Tableau dashboard content published that you want to use for embedded analytics. For testing, you can use any dashboard published to Tableau Server / Tableau Online.

Overview of Steps

This blog post links out to other content, so use this main post as your overall guide during the process.

  1. Create a Salesforce Connected App using Zuar Portal information
  2. (Tableau Server only) Add the Zuar Portal as a trusted host on Tableau Server
  3. Embed Tableau into Salesforce using Visualforce


If you have questions or would like help embedding Tableau into Salesforce or would like to see a Zuar Rapid Portal in action for other embedded analytics use cases, please contact us.