For embedded analytics use cases with Tableau Server, one authentication mechanism is trusted authentication. This authentication mechanism is used when a third party application is handling authentication rather than Tableau Server directly, but the users still need a single sign on experience.

Trusted authentication simply means that you have set up a trusted relationship between Tableau Server and one or more web servers. When Tableau Server receives requests from these trusted web servers it assumes that your web server has handled whatever authentication is necessary.

The Zuar WAF can act as the trusted host for Tableau Server and provide single sign on into embedded analytics applications (e.g. Zuar Rapid Portal, Zuar Custom Portal, Salesforce, or your own existing application).

Add the Zuar Portal's Hostname or IP to Tableau Server

For trusted tickets to work your Tableau Server administrator will need to add the hostname or IP Address of your Rapid Portal as a "Trusted Host" under Configuration > User Identity & Access > Trusted Authentication, then save pending changes and restart.

Read Tableau Server documentation: Add Trusted IP Addresses or Host Names to Tableau Server

Tableau Trusted Authentication gotcha:

Static IP addresses are required: The web servers you specify must use static IP addresses, even if you use host names.

This means if you add a hostname to the "Trusted Host" list and the IP behind the hostname changes, trusted authentication will stop working. Tableau Server is essentially hardcoding the IP of the host.

Therefore, best practice is to add IP addresses rather than host names to the Tableau Server "Trusted Host" list.

Next Steps:

  1. Test Trusted Authentication in your Zuar Portal
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