After interviewing a handful of our team members that attended this years Tableau Conference, I put together a list of the most talked about presentations.

Disclaimer: there are tons of presentations and we couldn't possibly attend all of them. That being said, feel free to link any of your favorites in the comments!

Tableau speed tipping | Can they reach 100 tips?

An awesome speed competition between Loran Eden and Ann Jackson to reach 100 Tableau tips in less than an hour!

Visit this workbook for a metadata menu allowing you to jump right to a particular tip.

Bonus Speed Round: 50 charts in 50 minutes by Andy Kriebel and Jeff Shaffer.

How to teach Tableau to beginners in two days.

Do you have people at your company that are new to or needing to get better at Tableau? Maybe you yourself want to get a little better. Time is always of the essence and our trainers are often required to pack a breadth of Tableau training into 2-4 days. Some of our consultants found this presentation by Yvan Forner to be helpful.

Accompanying powerpoint pdf.

Understanding Tableau's order of operations.

Have you ever expected one thing but something else happened? During the execution of a visualization, it’s important to understand the order of how things get done in Tableau. Our consultants found this presentation by Kevin Immink and Joe O'Brien to be very helpful in explaining the order of operations, from Tableau's query pipeline to common scenarios.

Accompanying Tableau Workbook

Best practices for dashboard performance

If you know you have to deal with dashboard performance, but don't know where to start, this session is for you. You will hear about some tried-and-tested methods for dealing with dashboard performance issues. Our Tableau server team, who is on the front line of receiving performance complaints, has given this presentation by Lovekesh Babbar two thumbs up. Do these things before you go bother your server admin or DBA!

Pdf powerpoint presentation

Last but not least: Beyond set actions | Interactive statistics

Another outstanding presentation given by Bethany Lyons. Highlighting a new feature in Tableau, set actions allow for interactive statistics.

Bonus: Ready, set, actions: Introductory presentation on the new Set Action feature.

PDF powerpoint

I hope you are able to take away some great Tableau knowledge from the above presentations. Do you have any favorites that are not on this list? We want to know about them. Feel free to comment below!

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