Zuar Appoints Nena Ballas as Chief Customer Officer

Zuar Appoints Nena Ballas as Chief Customer Officer

Zuar, Inc. today announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Nena Ballas as Chief Customer Officer. Ballas is the first leader to hold the newly created position at Zuar, representing a significant next step in the company’s commitment to the customer relationship.

A fifteen-year veteran in customer support and enablement, building teams at organizations like Salesforce and Tableau, Ballas joined Zuar in September 2022 as their VP, Operations. In this new position, she will lead Voice of the Customer initiatives, driving engagement and growth strategies across customer success, services, and support.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce Nena’s promotion to Chief Customer Officer,” said Whitney Myers, CEO of Zuar. “Zuar’s mission is to help people solve problems with data. Nena’s passion for enabling and empowering customers, and their growth, aligns perfectly. In her time at Zuar, Nena has prioritized the customer experience in our support and delivery models, has incorporated real-time feedback in our offerings, and has strategized with customers to ensure our innovation aligns with their priorities. I’m excited to see how she will elevate Zuar’s customer experience.”

“I'm thrilled for Zuar to usher in the next BI evolution with amazing products that simply work, and as a leader in impactful customer experiences,” said Nena Ballas, Chief Customer Officer. “Enterprises rely on embedded data stories, automated pipelines, and augmented analyses to gain a competitive edge. Zuar is uniquely positioned to partner with clients on these big problems so they can focus on what matters: maximizing the potential of people.”

As Chief Customer Officer, Ballas plays a key role in ensuring that customers have great experiences with Zuar, earning and improving customer loyalty and retention. Ballas will also build upon Zuar’s customer-centric culture where all departments work to provide effective client services and deliver a transformative customer experience.

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