Zuar and Tableau Providing Free Enablement Resources on Tableau Exchange

Zuar and Tableau Providing Free Enablement Resources on Tableau Exchange

Zuar is excited to announce the release of two free offerings. Both are Accelerators, provided through the Tableau Exchange.

Tableau Accelerators are pre-built dashboards designed to help you get a jumpstart on your data analysis. Tailored to specific industries and business use cases, Accelerators are built with sample data that you can swap out for your own data, allowing you to discover insights with minimal setup.

“Customers deploying analytics for the first time or in new ways crave realistic examples of what good looks like,” says Whitney Myers, Zuar CEO. “The Tableau Exchange and Zuar’s Accelerators aim to help them face these changes with confidence.”

The first Accelerator is Zuar's Financial Intelligence Kit. This set of pre-built dashboards helps FP&A teams connect to financial data that is often difficult to work with. The dashboards present a variety of insights, including:

  • YTD Growth Watch: Where deep details about growth across key sectors of your business enable you to optimize how your organization operates.
  • Strategic Growth Forecast: See the relationship between orders and revenue growth, and benefit from more accurate and data-driven sales forecasts.
  • Inventory Supply Planner: Ensures that inventory stock levels will support your sales forecasts and revenue goals.

You can view more details about Zuar's Financial Intelligence Kit, and other Accelerators, in the Tableau Exchange: https://exchange.tableau.com/products/672

The second Accelerator is the Tableau Cloud Migration Planner. The Planner enables Tableau Server Admins to connect to the underlying PostgreSQL database within Tableau Server to identify content that either should be prioritized, or that does not need to be migrated to Tableau Cloud.

This Accelerator is helpful for every organization migrating from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud! You can view more details about the Tableau Cloud Migration Planner at this link:

About Tableau

Tableau helps people see and understand data. Tableau offers visual analytics with powerful AI, data management and collaboration. From individuals to organizations of all sizes, customers around the world love using Tableau’s advanced analytics to fuel impactful, data-driven decisions. For more information about Tableau, please visit www.tableau.com.

About Zuar

Zuar is an Austin, Texas-based business intelligence firm dedicated to making it easier for organizations to create and share business insights. Zuar is a Premier Tableau partner, and helps organizations with everything needed to fully utilize Tableau’s solutions. For more information about Zuar, please visit www.zuar.com.

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