Troubleshooting Tableau Trusted Authentication

Trusted Authentication is one method that Tableau Server customers use to embed dashboards into their applications. If your trusted tickets aren't working, this article will help.

How to fix tableau trusted authentication

Tableau's Trusted Authentication is one method that Tableau Server customers use to embed Tableau dashboards into their own applications.

If you've added a host as 'Trusted' in the Tableau server admin (described in our documentation) and Trusted tickets still aren't working, this post will help you chase down the issue using Tableau's system logs.

Locate the Tableau Server Logs on your Tableau server.

  • On Linux: /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/
  • On windows: C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\

We will assume you're using Linux for the remainder of this post.

This directory contains many log sub-directories. The log which will give you information about who is attempting to view a dashboard as a trusted host is vizqlserver. Change into that log directory.

cd /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/vizqlserver

On your Tableau Server in a browser load https://{tableauURL}/trusted. (You need to be authenticated)

To test with curl instead of your browser: curl -X POST -F username={tableau user name} https://{tableauURL}/trusted

After the page loads, or fails to load, go back to the Tableau server log directory and run ls -ltr, a long listing of the log dir ordered by the last modified time in reverse. At the very bottom of the listing, or near the bottom, you should see a file with a name like vizqlserver_nodeX-Y.log (where x and y are numbers).

Tail this log: tail -f vizqlserver_node1-0.log (change 1-0 accordingly).

In your browser or curl, attempt to load Tableau with /trusted again, and you should see new logs being written to the file in real time.

To test if Tableau trusted auth is working using your Zuar Portal, append /z/trusted to the end of the portal URL. Example:

If you're interested in taking your embedded analytics a step further, be sure to check out Zuar Portal. These solutions allow you to manage offsite access to your Tableau dashboards, monetize your data, and much more.

Hopefully these instructions have helped. You may also benefit from Tableau's official documentation on testing trusted auth.

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