Test if trusted tickets are set up

In your browser load the domain: https://rapid-portal.portaldomain.com/z/trusted after you login to your portal.  If you forget to login, you'll get a 403 Forbidden error.

Replace rapid-portal.portaldomain.com with the hostname of your portal.

If the response is -1, Trusted Tickets are not set up in Tableau for this hostname.

Set up Trusted Tickets on Tableau Server

For trusted tickets to work your Tableau administrator will need to add the hostname  or IP Address for your Rapid Portal as a "Trusted Host" under Configuration > User Identity & Access > Trusted Authentication, then save pending changes and restart.

With Trusted Tickets Configured for your Portal, you just need to pick a dashboard to use. Logged into your Tableau Server, click on the dashboard you want and then click "Share" at the top right of the screen (in green below):

Share link in Tableau Server

The part of the share link we need starts with /t and ends right before ?; in this case: /t/Demo/views/Superstore-Mitto/Overview

Load a Trusted Ticket in Rapid Portal

Copy the relevant part of the share link to your clipboard, then in a new browser window, add it to your Rapid Portal's hostname with a trailing /z/trusted. The full path in your location bar should look something like this:


... and the resulting Dashboard:

Tableau dashboard after Trusted Tickets are setup