Configuring Tableau Server for Trusted Authentication

Read this Zuar WAF documentation: Trusted Host for Tableau Server Trusted Authentication

With Trusted Tickets Configured for your Portal, you just need to pick a dashboard to use. Logged into your Tableau Server, click on the dashboard you want and then click "Share" at the top right of the screen (in green below):

Share link in Tableau Server

The part of the share link we need starts with /t and ends right before ?; in this case: /t/Demo/views/Superstore-Mitto/Overview

Load a Trusted Ticket in Rapid Portal

Copy the relevant part of the share link to your clipboard, then in a new browser window, add it to your Rapid Portal's hostname with a trailing /z/trusted. The full path in your location bar should look something like this:

... and the resulting Dashboard:

Tableau dashboard after Trusted Tickets are setup