Zuar Empowers Businesses to Embed Power BI and Tableau Into a Unified Customer Experience

New release of Zuar Portal provides unprecedented interoperability.

Zuar Empowers Businesses to Embed Power BI and Tableau Into a Unified Customer Experience

Zuar, a leading provider of embedded analytics, today announced a significant update to its flagship product, Zuar Portal. This update brings enhanced interoperability between business intelligence leaders Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. Plus, new SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) capabilities have been introduced to companies needing an embedded application solution.

Zuar Portal is a robust solution that allows companies to provide secure, global access to their analytics. Use cases include the monetization of data, the creation of analytics-based products, and the reduction of tech sprawl with a unified analytics headquarters. Companies benefit from drag-and-drop simplicity and integration with an endless number of applications and data sources.

The latest update addresses a key challenge: the limited interoperability of Microsoft Power BI with software outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. With this update, Zuar Portal now provides new interoperability for distributing Power BI analytics. This enhancement allows companies to quickly launch an embedded application solution utilizing Power BI analytics, merging it with other data sources within a secure environment, and even combining insights with other business intelligence platforms, like Tableau.

"In a landscape that often encourages business to consolidate, we are pleased to offer our customers the power of choice,” said Whitney Myers, CEO of Zuar. “The new Power BI capabilities of Zuar Portal will be a game changer for companies with interoperability pain points. With this release, our customers can launch and sustain the velocity of their embedded analytics offerings to an even wider audience. This is yet another step forward in our efforts to provide companies with dynamic paths to both the monetization and democratization of their data.”

The update also introduces a straightforward way to incorporate single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, including SAML-based SSO, into the customer experience. This simplifies the login process and enhances security, making it easier than ever for companies to manage access to data.

The newest release of Zuar Portal is now available. Prospective new customers are invited to explore the enhanced features and capabilities of Zuar Portal at https://www.zuar.com/products/portal.

About Zuar

Zuar is the analytics headquarters for organizations of all sizes. Automate the flow of data from hundreds of potential sources into a single destination for analytics, fully prepped and ready for use. With Zuar Portal you can provide customized, secure, global analytics access to any audience. It is a powerful platform with unrivaled flexibility. For more information visit https://www.zuar.com.

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