The Rapid Portal customizer gives admin users the ability to customize the branding and user experience for all users.

The customizer includes two sections:

  • Theme - Brand the Rapid Portal's logo, login background, colors, and dashboard tags.
  • Layout - Select from existing page layout templates and/or edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a completely customized user experience.

This feature requires Rapid Portal v2.0+.

How Do I Open the Customizer?

After logging into the Rapid Portal, admin users have access to the customizer via their user menu and the "Customize" button.

Users without admin access will not see the "Admin" or "Customize" buttons in their user menu.

How Do I Customize the Theme?

The first section of the customizer includes quick options for changing:

  • Logo - This is the image that can appear on the login page (depending on the template) and that appears in the header of the app page.
  • Login Background - This is the background image/video displayed on the login page.
  • Primary color - This is the primary color of the Rapid Portal. It appears in multiple places (login page’s log in button, dashboard loading icon, etc.).
  • Login form background color - This is the color of the background of the login form.
  • Header icon color - This is the color of the icons in the top right of the app page.
  • Header background color - This is the background color of the index page's header.
  • Dashboard tags - These tags control the filtering of dashboards in the Rapid Portal.

The logo can either be a relative or absolute path to an image. Drop in a file to host the file on the Rapid Portal and reference it locally.

Login Background

The login background image can either be a relative or absolute path to an image or video. Drop in a file to host the file on the Rapid Portal and reference it locally.

Color Picker Widgets

Color picker widgets are available for:

  • Primary color
  • Login form background color
  • Header icon color
  • Header background color

There are several options for picking colors:

  • RGB
  • HSL
  • HEX
  • Eye dropper

Dashboard Tags

Dashboard tags filter the dashboards available to each user. These filters are passed to the Tableau REST API's list of views.

How do I Customize the Layout?

The second section of the Customizer includes options for changing the template of these pages:

  • Login - The login page for users.
  • App - The application page that displays the embedded dashboards.

Learn more about Rapid Portal templates.

Next to each template is an “Advanced” link that takes the admin to the editor page. There the admin can edit all of the Rapid Portal code directly in the browser and make any further customizations.