When the WAF is configured with Tableau (Server/Online), it proxies requests to that server's Tableau REST API.

With the Tableau Server REST API you can manage and change Tableau Server resources programmatically, using HTTP. The API gives you simple access to the functionality behind the data sources, projects, workbooks, site users, and sites on a Tableau server. You can use this access to create your own custom applications or to script interactions with Tableau Server resources.

Base URL



Any users who authenticate to the WAF using their Tableau credentials (username/password) are also authenticated to the Tableau REST API.

Users can see the Tableau information (server, site, API version, etc) using the /auth/about endpoint. Learn more about the WAF's Auth API.


Authorization is handled by Tableau.

Endpoints and Methods

Learn more about all the Tableau REST API methods.


The Tableau REST API returns data in XML format.

For example here's an example response from /api/3.10/serverinfo:

<tsResponse xmlns="http://tableau.com/api" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://tableau.com/api http://tableau.com/api/ts-api-3.8.xsd">
<productVersion build="20204.20.1116.1810">2020.4.0</productVersion>
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