Zuar Runner Version 3 Launches, Provides Powerful Features to Data Professionals

Zuar's Runner platform now provides flexibility not seen with other data pipeline and automation tools.

Zuar Runner Version 3 Launches, Provides Powerful Features to Data Professionals

Zuar has launched Version 3 of its flagship data pipeline solution Zuar Runner. The platform allows organizations to pull in data from a wide variety of sources and fully prepare it for analysis. Utilizing automation and intuitive job management, Runner users seamlessly and with little effort maintain a single source of truth for their organizations.

“Our mission is to help everyone solve problems with data. A critical part of this mission means matching the speed and agility of some of the fastest growing companies. Many of our users are on lean teams with high expectations and short runways for success, “says Whitney Myers, CEO of Zuar. “With this release, we not only increase the flexibility and speed of Runner but we also extend new capabilities for our customers to be able to work with any data in their environment."

What’s new in Zuar Runner Version 3?

- Runner is now deployed on Docker for greater flexibility. Zuar hosts your instance, or host Runner on the OS of your choosing.

- Unlike most ETL solutions, by default Runner comes packed with its own database to store your data (optional). This database has been updated to Postgres 14.6.

- Revamped user interface and Store Explorer.

- Runner now uses a new licensing system that makes it easier to evaluate new features and connectors on a trial basis.

- Optimizations in how Runner "learns" data types can result in 20-40% shorter job run times.

- Improvements to job-related features, such as logging and job management.

- Over a dozen connectors have been added or substantially improved, such as those for integration with Gong and Amazon Selling Partners.

Zuar is excited to provide its customers with this major upgrade to Runner, which will solidify the solution’s place within the market as an effective and powerful tool for all data-forward organizations.

About Zuar
Zuar is an Austin, Texas-based business intelligence firm dedicated to helping companies connect their data silos and reduce friction in the process of creating and sharing business insights. The firm’s Runner solution gets data flowing from hundreds of potential sources into a single destination for analytics. Zuar also provides white-label Tableau solutions that allows companies to monetize their data and provide secure dashboard access to each audience they serve. For more information visit www.zuar.com.