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Automate and transform the data flowing from any number of sources into a single destination for analytics.
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What is Zuar Runner?

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Zuar Runner is an automated data pipeline platform. This end-to-end ELT solution takes you from raw data at disparate sources, all the way through to end-user visualization. Time and money is saved when you aren’t forced to connect a variety of pipeline tools to form a complete solution.

The Zuar Runner platform gives data teams their time back.
  • Automate end-to-end workflows.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it data transformation and enhancement: pivot, aggregate, pre-calculate, table creation, and more.
  • Have everything you need to implement advanced analytics.
  • Deploy enterprise-level tools without the enterprise price tag.
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Watch how Manduka utilized Zuar Runner to pull data from NetSuite & reinvent their BI.

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Extract From Business Critical Data Sources

Effortlessly connect to almost any source and analyze data across the various formats, using Zuar Runner's pre-built connectors and the flexibility to add custom data sources via APIs, scripts and webhooks.

Netsuite API

Amazon Seller Central API

Amazon Advertising API

Amazon S3 Database

Google Drive RCLONE

Salesforce API

Gong API

Microsoft Access File

Quickbooks Online API



Facebook API

Google Ads API

Google Analytics API

Google Drive RCLONE

Hubspot API


Tableau API


Zuar Runner is the data integration tool you need to effectively manage your data pipeline.
  • Same day set-up in the Cloud, or even on-premises
  • Code or no code, casual versus power user, we’ve got you covered
  • Fully prepare and model your data for analysis with automated data transformation
  • Runner's interface makes it easy to monitor your data pipeline, plus receive customizable alerts


Our clients sleep well at night!
  • Over 99.99% platform uptime
  • User-to-Runner interactions are protected by SSL, plus additional protections provided by leading Cloud platforms like AWS and Digital Ocean
  • Support for all major API-based authentication methods (SAML, OIDC, OAuth, IdP, etc.)
  • Unlike most ETL/ELT platforms, Runner retains your original source data for critical future reference and troubleshooting


Zuar Runner is agnostic in just about every way.
  • Zuar hosts your instance, or host Runner on the OS of your choosing via Docker
  • Deploy your own code in Python virtual environments
  • If we don’t have an existing connector for a data source, quickly integrate with Runner’s RestAPI/webhook tools
  • Centralize data into Runner’s built-in Postgres database, or an on-prem or cloud destination of your choice such as AWS, Azure, BigQuery, Exasol, MySQL or Snowflake
  • Runner works great with dbt!
  • Use the visualization & BI software that best fits your organization’s needs


Zuar Runner is a future-proof solution.
  • Runner samples and learns the data coming in from your sources, to dynamically adjust tables to accommodate it, and shorten job run times by up to 40%
  • As the size of your data pipeline grows, Zuar makes it easy to manage everything, including the ability to keyword search through jobs for specific API keys, table references, etc.
  • Launch jobs in Zuar Runner via external webhook requests, which is a powerful feature that isn’t provided by most ETL software
  • Stop stressing about record count, Runner doesn’t employ the exponential cost increases that other platforms are known for
  • Your data pipeline can scale as your business grows, as Runner utilizes the infinite scaling provided by cloud data warehouses
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Learn how Zuar Runner helped Cresco Labs source, model, stage, and automate their data pipeline.

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"This is the best solution for converting data into a real decision-making tool... It's absolutely one of the best decisions Manduka's ever made and it's a scaleable solution that we will be implementing at other companies as well."

Michael Soenen, Partner, Valor Equity & CEO, Manduka