Take the NetSuite Challenge to visualize your data in Tableau!

If you are trying to analyze NetSuite Data and the standard reporting tools fall short, you're in the right place. In 5 simple steps you will have a production ready, automated visual analytics solution for your NetSuite data.

Follow these steps to experience the beauty of automation:

Watch the video below for a full explanation of the Netsuite Challenge and Zuar’s solution.
Fill out the contact form. We will email you account access instructions and set up our first call to answer any questions you have.
We will deploy your hosted, private MITTO instance and begin pulling in all of your Netsuite data for the first time.
When the data arrives in the MITTO database, we will start your full 2-week trial of Tableau Online, publish explorer reports and send you dashboard templates with corresponding training videos. We’ll also set up more time to help you understand and work toward your data driven business goals.
After two weeks of this full trial, if you choose to continue on this journey with Zuar, your entire automation solution is already set up from end to end and we just keep it running for you... making you the hero your business has always needed.
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The NetSuite Challenge Done Right!

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Mitto Data Staging Platform

Mitto is an automated data pipeline that stages data for analytics. Easily integrate data from multiple sources into a database and prepare it for analysis. We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.
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Visualize your Data with Tableau.

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We recommend using Tableau as your data visualization tool. Tableau helps people see and understand data. Our certified Tableau consultants can help you deploy your Tableau environment. We also use visualization best practices to design interactive Tableau dashboards.

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Learn how Emergency Assistance Foundation was able to leverage Zuar's end-to-end NetSuite + Tableau solution.

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