By default, after a user logs into the Rapid Portal, a Tableau dashboard is embedded at the top of the application. Additionally, cards are displayed for every Tableau Server view that is available to the user. Clicking on a card updates the Tableau dashboard at the top.

The Rapid Portal is sending a request to the Tableau REST API, specifically the "Query Views for Site" method.

Filtering by Tableau tags

The "Query Views for Site" Tableau REST API method can be filtered by passing a tag or set of tags.

app.js contains the JavaScript code that controls how the Rapid Portal application behaves. You can edit app.js by going to https://{your_rapid_portal_url}/edit/js/app.js in your browser. Learn more about the Rapid Portal in browser editor here.

You will edit one specific line of code to pass the tag filter and limit the views exposed to Rapid Portal users.

Update this line:

    zwaf.getViews().then(res => {

To this:

    zwaf.getViews({tags: ['embed']}).then(res => {

This will filter the available views in the Rapid Portal to only the Tableau views that are tagged with the word embed. Learn more about Tableau tags here.

As another example, if you wanted to filter by views with either embed or portal, then you would update that line to this:

    zwaf.getViews({tags: ['embed', 'portal']}).then(res => {