Bash Shell ScriptΒΆ

You can upload and run a bash script in your Zuar Runner command jobs.


Bash, the most commonly available unix shell, is the shell, or command language interpreter, for the GNU operating system.

Bash commands can be saved in a file and executed as a script.

The following Bash script ( creates a CSV file: written_by_bash.csv

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo "id, name" > /var/mitto/data/written_by_bash.csv
echo "1, Allen" >> /var/mitto/data/written_by_bash.csv
echo "2, Steve" >> /var/mitto/data/written_by_bash.csv

Upload the Bash script to Zuar Runner via the file manager (in the menu on the left).

Then create a cmd job.


Give it a name, and use the command from above: bash /var/mitto/data/ Once the job is created, you can view the JSON configuration by clicking the JSON tab in the job edit window. You should see something like:

    "cmd": "bash /var/mitto/data/",
    "shell": true

Running the job should create a file that looks like this: