Zuar Runner allows you to run jobs in batches. These batches are called Sequences. You can imagine a sequence as a job full of jobs.

To create a sequence, hover over the “+ Add” button on the lower left of your screen and select Sequence.

Add New Sequence

After that, you will be taken to the sequence page where you will see how to set and schedule your sequence.

Create a Sequence

Title: Name your sequence

Tags: Similar to jobs, you can also give your sequence tags to better organize them.

Sequence Jobs and Available Jobs: Choose which jobs you’d like to live inside this sequence. In other words, choose which jobs you’d like to be included in this batch.

You can add jobs to your Sequence Jobs by doing one of two things:

  • Click on the selection box next to the name of job and select “Add Selected” or

  • Drag and drop the jobs under the Sequence Jobs

Build a sequence

Notice after bringing the jobs over to the “Sequence Jobs” section, the individual jobs are Enabled. You can choose to disable them by clicking on the checkbox.

Scroll down to the next half of the page and you can configure:

Schedule: The default schedule is set to Manual, which means this job will only run when you tell it to run. Click on the dropdown next the Manual to open up the selection of how often you want this job to run. The dropdown menu includes Daily, Hourly, Custom, and Manual schedules. To learn more about what these options mean, see Scheduling

Timeout: This will stop a job after some specified time. This is useful if you know a specific job “should” only run for a certain amount of time and there’s a problem if it runs longer. This option is sort a fail safe to stop jobs from running indefinitely for whatever reason.

Notifications: The dropdown for this includes None, Errors Only, All. Zuar Runner sends you notifications for the job depending on what you choose within the dropdown. Read more about Notifications

Notes: Type any notes you’d like regarding this job. Note: You are also able to write this in Markdown format. Click on the Markdown link to see more. If you’d rather not write in Markdown format, you can proceed with typing normally.