Command Line

Zuar Runner can automate any command line command.

Command Line Connection Image

Use the Zuar Runner Command Line plugin to create command line jobs.

Typical use cases for command line jobs include running bash scripts, Python, R, etc.

Create a Command Line Job

Click +Add Job.

Add Job UI Image

Choose “Command“.

Command Job Icon

Fill in the form.

Command Job UI Page
  • Title - Title of the job.

  • Command - Any valid command line command.

  • Use shell?- Whether to use the shell for execution or not.

  • Use ‘exec’?- Whether to prefix given command with ‘exec’. The command will run as exec under bash so that the bash process will be replaced with the shell_cmd process.

  • Timeout- Command timeout in seconds.

  • Environment Variables - Environment variables of the command.

Environment Variables

Any environment variables needed to run the command can be added as key/value pairs.

Command Job EVs

The Zuar Runner command line job is run by the mitto user with an empty environment, so some commands will require setting environment variables.

Example Command Line Jobs

See the Zuar Runner Bash and Zuar Runner Python documentation for more examples of Zuar Runner command line jobs!