Email (Outgoing - SMTP Gmail)

Google Mail (Gmail) requires using an App Password to send mail using their outbound SMTP server (

Due to this requirement, Zuar Runner’s email jobs cannot natively send email via Gmail. However, Postfix - a mail server already installed on the Zuar Runner instance - can be configured to relay mail through Gmail SMTP. After this configuration is in place, you setup Zuar Runner email jobs to send mail to Postfix instead of Gmail directly.

Please contact Zuar to have Postfix configured for Gmail on your Zuar Runner instance. We’ll need a Gmail App Password which you can generate by following the instructions below. Please do not send the App Password via email as it’s sensitive data.

Generate a Gmail App Password

  1. Login to your Gmail Account.

  2. Navigate to Security.

  3. If you have 2-Step Verification turned on, under How you sign into Google, click 2-Step Verification. (If you don’t have 2-Step Verification turned on, search for App Password in the search box at the top of Settings.)

    Under "How you sign in to Google," click 2-Step Verification
  4. Scroll down and choose App passwords.

    Click App passwords
  5. Under Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for, select Mail from the Select app drop-down.

    Choose "Other (Custom name)" from "Select app" drop-down
  6. Enter a descriptive name like Zuar Runner to identify the purpose of the App Password and click Generate.

    Enter App Password name
  7. The 16-digit App Password will be displayed. Store it securely as it will no longer be accessible after you click Done. (Repeat these steps to create a new App Password if needed.) Zuar will request this value in order to configure Postfix on your Zuar Runner instance.

  8. After clicking Done, your new entry will be displayed in the Your app passwords list. The only option here is to delete (via trash can icon). Deleting an entry will invalidate the App Password and any configuration using it will no longer be able to authenticate against Gmail.

    App Password list