Tableau Server Deployment

Our consultants have earned current Tableau Certified Professional certifications, the highest level offered by Tableau, proving their expertise and knowledge of Tableau best practice.
Tableau Server

Agile Server Install

Jump-start your Tableau Server deployment. We’ll outline what you need and implement the right server architecture, security, disaster recovery and networking. Then we test and validate to ensure it’s working correctly. We aim to be flexible enough to meet your specific needs so that we can fit into your schedule and help you hit deadlines. You’ll be publishing dashboards in no-time.
Tableau Server

Tableau Server Migration

Migrate your Tableau Server implementation from anywhere to anywhere. On-premise to cloud or vice versa.

Tableau Server Scale Up & Scale Out

Poor performance in Tableau Server? Planning to increase usage? We’ll beef up the hardware or scale out to more machines.

Tableau Administration Assistance

Don’t struggle with managing users, content, resources or tasks in Tableau Server or Online. Our experts are here to help you with best practices for administering Tableau.
Tableau Server Management

Ask Data

One of the newest features to arrive to Tableau Server and Tableau Online, Ask Data. Type a question and instantly get a response, right in Tableau. Answers come in the form of rich data visualization with no need to understand the structure of your data. Get to your insights even faster with Ask Data.
Ask Data

We're a Tableau Gold Partner and Reseller.

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More Services

We can help with that. Our team of experienced data gurus will listen to your business needs and recommend a path for success. It all starts with a great Data Strategy!

Data Strategy

Having trouble connecting to a software or application with Tableau? Maybe the connector exists but you are still unable to pull in all of the data that you need... Is your data located in disparate systems but you need it all in one place? We have a solution. Check out our proprietary software, Mitto.

What is Mitto?

Unsure how to model or transform your data in a way that it can be analyzed and visualized effectively? Need a SQL expert? We've got engineers to solve all of your data problems.

Data Engineering