The Zuar WAF can be integrated with Okta for single sign on (SSO) to Zuar Portals.

Setup Steps

There are two major steps:

  1. In Okta, create an SWA integration and API token specific to the Zuar Portal
  2. Configure the Zuar Portal with the Okta App Embed Link and Okta API Token

Create an Okta SWA Integration

In order to create an Okta SWA Integration, follow these instructions from Okta:

During the setup you will need to fill in information specific to your Portal:

  • App Login Page URL: https://{portal-url}/login
  • Redirect URL: Not needed

Record the App Embed Link.

Create an Okta API Token

In order to create an Okta API Token, follow these instructions from Okta:

Save the Token Value. It is needed to configure the Zuar Portal.

Configure Zuar Portal for Okta SSO

Provide these two pieces of information for Zuar.

  • Okta App Embed Link
  • Okta API Token

Zuar will configure the Okta environment variables in the Portal's WAF.

Test Logging in to the Zuar Portal

After Zuar has configured your Portal, confirm you are able to log in to the Portal with your Okta credentials.

Alternate Authentication Options