Mission Zuar

Zuar is a new breed of holistic data company. We are on a mission to incorporate ease of engagement and radical speed to value into everything we do. We believe in a future where every business, of any size, can quickly start using their data as a tool for growth. Therefore, we've designed our products and services to eliminate barriers to entry and help companies create a thriving data intelligence practice. Our model was built from scratch to provide you with a modern, tailored data experience. Our strategy allows us to meet your immediate needs, all while laying the groundwork for a prosperous data journey.

Early Years

Zuar emerged from TableauHelp, a consultancy founded in 2015 by former Tableau employees and technology partners. Tableauhelp’s goal was to help people see and understand Tableau’s power, while setting record times to value and eliminating barriers to entry. This was accomplished by offering tailored Tableau services in a modern style. The dedication to speed and flexibility is still a core operating philosophy for the data services division at Zuar.

As Tableauhelp grew in team size, skill set, and experience, we recognized the need for simplified products that could help us work faster and smarter. Especially as it related to the data movement, automation and modeling. We were fortunate to begin working with our now CTO in early 2017, who had a way of executing these ideas. We built our flagship product MITTO, the data staging platform, to help people create simple and automated data environments. Mitto can enable a solid foundation for any business intelligence strategy.

Zuar was founded in March 2018, absorbing Tableauhelp as the services division and the MITTO platform as the initial focus of our technology division.

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