Getting Started with Mitto

Getting Started with Mitto

The video tutorials below are for those looking to get started using Mitto or learn more about the available features.

Additional information about Mitto can be found in the Mitto Help Docs.

If you have a question that is not addressed through the tutorials or docs, ask it in our Community Forum!


Creating I/O Jobs

Anatomy of a Mitto IO job | Zuar
This blog post is part 1 of a multi part blog series on understanding andcustomizing Mitto IO jobs. Mitto [] comes with many different plugins[…

Creating SQL Jobs

Using API and Webhooks to Fire Off Jobs

Creating Sequences

Creating Schedules

Adding Tags

Creating Notifications

RCLONE Use Cases

Mitto and Rclone - Custom Jobs
Rclone [] is a program that can be used to transfer files toand from more than forty different storage backends (e.g., Amazon S3, Box,Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage,Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint, SFTP, etc.). The Mitto…
Using Rclone for Sharepoint Shared Files | Zuar
Rclone [] is a very powerful, storage-agnostic tool fortransferring files across the web. You can copy files to and from ~30 differentstorage providers including S3, FTP, Onedrive, and yes, you can copy files fromSharepoint sites using webdav. However, to automate the downloadi…

Advanced Use Cases

Adding Custom Plugins to Mitto
How to add and use custom plugins in Mitto.
Cloning a Private Github Repo on Mitto
Whether you have a repository of CSV files, command line scripts, or a customMitto plugin, cloning a private Github repo onto your Mitto will require alittle setup. We recommend cloning the repo over SSH using a deploy key. To do this, you willneed to upload your SSH key to the Mitto filesystem…
Automate Bash, R, and Python scripts with Mitto | Zuar
In this blog post, we will cover the Mitto command line job and then walkthrough examples of automating scripts from various languages: * Bash * R * Python Mitto command line jobsA powerful feature in Mitto is the ability to automate commands and scripts with command line jobs […
Updating Multiple Jobs with the Python Mitto SDK
Mitto has an extensive API, allowing users to remotely interact with jobs,schedules, etc on their Mitto instance. We recently released a Python SDK forinteracting with the Mitto API, available on the Python Package Index[]. # install with pippip install…
How to Unzip Compressed Files in Mitto | Zuar
It’s inevitable that if you deal with enough data, especially exporting datafrom source systems, that you will eventually be required to deal with a .zip,.gz, or tar.gz file. To get this into a database, you will likely need to unzip the file and use thedecompressed files inside. The following…