Zuar's web proxy that immediately handles all authentication
between your application and Tableau Server.

How Does IT WORK? Purchase the WAF

How Does it Work?

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) acts as a secure gateway to your application providing an easy and seamless Single Sign On experience across your application and Tableau Server.

Reverse Proxy

The WAF can also be utilized as a reverse proxy for your Tableau environment.
WAF model

1. Download WAF Docker Image (No additional installation required, independent of operating system).
2. Configure: Specify URL of your Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
3. Explore: Use provided sample application to navigate to Tableau.

Do I Need the WAF?

If you are building a white labeled analytics solution, utilize the WAF to provide secure authentication between all of your applications. Save yourself and your team the time and resources it will take to learn and build a secure authentication mechanism for your data application.

WAF Architecture

The WAF was developed with web application
best practices in mind.

WAF architecture

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